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M-150 Modular RFI Filter

The M-150 filters are single pair, in-line filters designed to attenuate RFI up to -57 dB on analog lines from 75 kHz to 150 MHz. The filters require no external grounding and are balanced to 600 ohms with an off-hook insertion loss of less than 0.1 dB at 1004 Hz, thus ideal for telephony applications such as with telephones, fax machines and analog PC modems.
The M-150 is a modular device which can be placed at the telephone set, or at the modular connecting block, or any other location that will accept a modular RJ-11 connector.
In certain situations, the RFI demodulated signal power may be so overbearing that multiple filters would need to be installed in series to eliminate the RFI.
NOTE: The M-150 filters are not designed as xDSL POTS filters as they will attenuate a portion of the upstream xDSL frequency spectrum; however, certain installation techniques using the M-150 filters can be used to alleviate RFI in DSL applications.

Product Description

Modular RFI Filter
Model Part Number Price Quantity
M-150 30032298-01 $33.25

Product Description

RFI Flter Installs on handset cord
Model Part Number Price Quantity
M-150-H 30032298-02 $45.05

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  • Patented design provides radio frequency interference (RFI) attenuation up to -57 dB
  • Eliminates RFI including AM, FM, CB and amateur radio from voiceband DC signal
  • Passive Device - No ground required
  • Tip & Ring balanced to 600 ohm telephone line impedance
  • Reversible in-line single pair connection via modular RJ-11 jack and plug
  • Compact size, excellent durability, high impact plastic housing
  • ANSI T1/E1 conforming RJ-11 jack/plug with 50 microns of gold plating