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The American Tech Supply Team & Just In Time Technology- JIT

American Tech Supply makes customer service it number one priority. Each one of employees take their jobs very seriously and are dedicated to serving their customers. We treat each of our customers- as if they were our only customer. Our many years of experience in industries such as IT, telecommunications, data networking and wireless, allow us the knowledge to assist you in designing any network- from optical wireless to fiber optics.
Our success stems from offering some of the best prices in the industry through "JIT" order-supply- technology. "JIT" stands for "Just In Time" technology. JIT was developed first by Dr. Deming after WWII. Dr. Deming was assigned by President Eisenhower and General Macarthur in the late1940''s to rebuild war-torn Japan in the shortest period of time. As you know Japan almost began to surpass the USA in efficiency in the 1970's in production and efficiency, until key executives in the USA began to use this process in their businesses. For more information on this technology read "Dr. Deming- The American Who Taught The Japanese About Quality". Lee Iaccoca from Ford/Chrysler was also one of the first CEO's in America to adopt this leading technology. This technology allows the rapid processing of an order from shipping it from the manufacturer- to you the customer- in the shortest period of time.
American Tech Supply uses JIT in the following manner. First we take an order or request for a quote from a customer. We instantly check our stock on both coasts. We place the order with the manufacturer and arrange to have the order shipped the the customer according to the needs of the customer.This way we do not allow product to become outdated and "sit" on our shelves. Product that does not move costs a company money. Saving us money- saves you the customer- money.
We also will work with you on building the right bill of materials for large projects. For this reason we will stock and stage product at the facility closest to the customer location in order to minimize time and shipping costs. Therby we will always have product available for the customer who is always re-ordering materials. Call us and ask us for "project pricing". If you need to have stock available at one of our local offices for immediate use, just contact one of our offices so we will arrange the logistics for you.
Atek Communications is and will always be a United Stated based company. Even though we ship and offer products to other countries, our employee base will always be in the US. We firmly believe that in order to maintain the economy, security and sustain future growth, companies based in the US must begin to look at the big picture and keep our jobs here in the states. American Corporations seem to take a good thing and stretch it into a bad thing. In order to cut costs and increase profits, American Corporate executives are laying off American employees in all facets of production and shifting these extremely important jobs -offshore. Due to the global reach of JIT- JIT allows the corporation to do this. Unfortunately - this "shift" of jobs offshore since 1999 has already dramatically affected not only only our jobs- but "security" as well. In the name of profits- some companies are teaching other countries-some with questionable motives- "our" US based technology- and these offshore partners- may some day turned our own technology against us some day.
RECENT NEWS: American Tech Supply has recently partnered with the Telecommunications Association of America, (TIA). Atek Communications is in the process of placing most of its product line on the website to allow web based visitors the ability to purchase via a shopping cart on the shopping cart while we build our own shopping cart. The TIA has millions of site visitors a month and the TIA wants to begin offering them an ability to buy and sell product via their web site.
RECENT NEWS: Atek Communications has signed a multi-year agreement with Brasil Sat to provide broadband based products here in the US. We are also looking for other distributors to sell a complete line of broadband- coaxial based products to their existing customers. Our quality meets or exceeds any current coax connector manufacturer. Please contact us at
American Tech Supply is always looking for new partners and or investors to build its business into new areas of the US. If you are a company or are interested in opening a regional facility in your state, feel free to contact us at or call us at (925) 944-0777.
If you are a potential employee or independent contractor interested in working with us, please forward your resume or experience to We are currently looking for the positions and regional business opportunities below.

Current Job Openings: Sales, Web Master, Sales Support, Counter Sales, Sysems Engineering

Investor-Regional Sales Opportunities


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