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F6230A Pen-style Visual Fault Locator- Wilcom Fiber Optic Test Equipment-ADSL Splitters-Telecommunications Test Equipment-Optical Fault Locater-OTDR- Optical Power Meter-Optical Light Sources

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F6230A Pen-style Visual Fault Locator

The Model F6230A Pen-style Visual Fault Locator is a commonly known as a VFL. The new product Model F6230A, is a pencil style VFL that features a universal connector accepting any optical connector style with a 2.5mm ferrule. It operates on a single 1.5V AA alkaline battery keeping the overall size to a minimum while providing long battery life. The VFL output is from a 650nm laser providing visibility to 8 km. Unlike many VFLs today, the F6230A features a choice of continuous or modulated output and a ???low battery??? indicator to alert the user when it is time to change batteries. The universal connector eliminates the inconvenience of having to use a patch cable for direct connection to fiber under test if connector styles are dissimilar. This single basic tool is one that all installers, and maintenance personnel should have in their tool kit. It is the most economical test tool for quickly verifying continuity, checking the validity of patch cables before or after installation, test and find breaks in LANs, verifying short lengths of installed fiber, or looking for cracked fiber in splice cases, bad connectors, tight crimps in fiber cable, backbone breaks or anywhere light continuity needs checking.

Product Description

Pen Light style VFL 650nm
Model Part Number Price Quantity
F6230A 30623085 $280.00

Product Description

Adapter for 1.25mm ferrule
Model Part Number Price Quantity
VFL-Adapter 30032232-01 $100.00

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  • Low-Cost and Streamline
    The F6230A is a low-cost, streamline basic fiber test tool which is easy to handle and easy to store.
  • Singlemode and Multimode Operation
    Find breaks, bad splices, tight crimps, poor components, and bad connections.
  • Optical Output Port
    The F6230A features a universal connector which can accept any 2.5 mm ferrule such as ST, SC, FC, and E2000 for examples.
  • LED Indicators
    The F6230A provides LED indicators for active Laser mode ( continuous or modulated ), and Low Battery.
  • Single AA Battery
    The F6230A uses one AA Alkaline battery for convenience.
  • Pocket Clip
    The F6230A comes with a handy pocket clip for easy storage.