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T164-02 Combined Test Line

The T164-02 Combined Test Line is a combined test line which provides a stable mW, 1010 Hz reference tone for an 8 to 10 second period followed by a quiet termination.
It is designed for installation in a remote office or PBX, and provides means for making one-way transmission and noise measurements as required for connection appraisal surveys. The unit is available as rack mount equipment.
The T164-02 is designed for use with 101 ESS PABX or similar equipment where a test line control lead, such as the S lead, is not available, and where a dry circuit cannot be provided. In these cases, the call is initiated by ringing voltage on the pair. See Data Sheet for more information.

Product Description

Combined Test Line
Model Part Number Price Quantity
T164-02 30164057 $975.00

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  • The T164-02 Combined Test Line uses the ringing voltage as a start and provides a timed disconnect.
  • Rack Mounted
  • 1010 Hz mW Tone
  • ??.03 dB Stability for all Conditions
  • Oscillator and Balance Termination Impedance
  • Automatic Changeover from Tone to Balance Termination
  • Test Jack Provided
  • Tone Delay after Initial OFF HOOK
  • 24 V or 48 V Operation Standard