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ATS carries Wilcom's entire product line including their world class fiber optic test equipment, fiber optic passive and active components, DSL splitters and much more. Please visit our store for placing an order please call (866) 342-3721 for more information or quantity discounts.


Fiber Optic Test

Optical Fiber Identifiers

F6121A Basic Optical Fiber Identifier

F6222 Enhanced Optical Fiber Identifier

F6222C CATV Optical Fiber Identifier

F6225 Extended Range Optical Fiber Identifier

F6121R Ribbon Fiber Identifier

Optical Fault Locators

F6240 MT-RJ Visual Fault Locator

F6230A Pen-style Visual Fault Locator

FR2 Optical Fault Locator



Optical Power Meters

FM8510 Basic Power Meter

FM8515B Standard Power Meter

FM8515C CATV Power Meter

FM8520 Basic Power Meter

FM1317 WDM Power Meter

FM1318 FTTX Power Meter

PM102 Compact Optical Power Meter

PON-301 PON Optical Power Meter

Modular Adapter Caps

Ruggedized Power Meters

T339-01B Basic Metal Case Power Meter

T339-02 STD Metal Case Power Meter

T339C CATV Metal Case Power Meter

T339E Enhanced Metal Case Power Meter

Modular Adapter Caps

Optical Light Sources

FS8513A Dual 850/1300nm LED Source

FS1316 Dual 1310/1550nm Laser Source

FS1317 Dual 1550/1625nm Laser Source

FS1318 Tri 1310/1490/1550nm Laser Source

LS-201T FTTx Laser Source

Digital Optical Variable Attenuator

OVA-20xS Digital Optical Variable Attenuator

Fiber Microscopes

HFS-400 400X Microscope

VIP-25_35 VIP Video Inspection Probe

Test Kits

LTS-2A Loss Test Kit

LTS-10 Loss Test Kit

LTS-10C Loss Test Kit

LTS-11 Loss Test Kit

LTS-12 Loss Test Kit

Fault Locator Test Kits

FF-3 Advanced Fault Locator Kit

FF-4 Basic Fault Locator Kit