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T279 Circuit Termination Set

The T279 Circuit Termination Set provides the termination and balance arrangements required for sectionalizing noise measurements on a circuit. It is designed to facilitate noise investigations by installers and repairmen. When it is necessary to make noise measurements on sections of a circuit to identify the section which may be introducing the noise, it is necessary to provide the proper termination of the section under test with an appropriate terminating resistor and a well balanced center tapped coil to provide means for maintaining the longitudinal circuit. The balance of the coil must be such that it will not contribute any unbalance to the circuit under test.
The Model T279 includes a balanced center tapped coil, a terminating resistor, two pairs of clip leads labeled FIELD and CO, and binding post terminals labeled TO MEAS SET. A toggle switch selects the direction in which measurement is to be made, either toward CO or toward FIELD, as shown on the front panel schematic illustration. The balance coil is connected across the line in the direction of measurement, while the line in the opposite direction is shorted and connected to the coil center tap to maintain the longitudinal path. A binding post terminal labeled G provides a means for making an external connection to the coil center tap. This terminal should be left unconnected during most measurements.

Product Description

Circuit Termination Set
Model Part Number Price Quantity
T279 30279012 $715.00

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