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T136B Basic Circuit Test Set- Wilcom Fiber Optic Test Equipment-ADSL Splitters-Telecommunications Test Equipment-Optical Fault Locater-OTDR- Optical Power Meter-Optical Light Sources

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T136B Basic Circuit Test Set

The T136 Basic Circuit Test Set is designed for use by the installlers and repairmen in conducting circuit transmission and noise measurements without using elaborate or expensive equipment. It allows for simple, easily read loop parameter measurements. The T136 provides a 600 ?? AC impedance and a 430 ?? DC impedance across Tip and Ring, insuring a precise termination for performance testing. These impedances are in compliance with EIA specification RS470. All operating functions are selected via single six position rotary switch. DIAL position allows for the external connection of a remote telephone handset directly to the line, by connecting to the square Dial Posts. The dialing and holding arrangement provides switching from DIAL to other functions without disconnecting the line. BATT-TEST enables the T136 to test and verify the conditions of the unit batteries. GND mA (on T136BGMZW only) connects the mA circuitry to Ring and Sleeve of the line under test, without the necessity of manually disconnecting the set from the line and connecting directly across these two points.

Product Description

Circuit Test Set, Weatherproof
Model Part Number Price Quantity
T136BSBZ 30136443 $995.00

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  • Measures Circuit Loss, Circuit Noise, Power Influence and Loop Current
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  • Dial-through Provisions and Hold Circuit
  • Colored Scales for Acceptance Limits
  • Carrying Strap
  • Small, Convenient-to-use and Rugged
  • Sealed and Weather-resistant