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HFS-400 400X Microscope

Wilcom's HFS-400 Hand Held Microscope allows the user to visually inspect connectors for cleanliness and polish during connector assembly. This microscope offers high resolution, and utilizes a white light LED for coaxial illumination. Light is introduced into the optical path (axis) so that it comes out the tip of the objective lens and strikes the ferrule perpendicular to the endface. This method of illumination produces a high level of resolution providing excellent detail of scratchs and contamination making both units ideal for a variety of applications including field, central office and manufacturing.

Product Description

400x microscope 2.5mm universal adapter/td>
Model Part Number Price Quantity
HFS-400 30040010 $199.00

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  • Universal 2.5mm Adapter
    Comes standard with a Universal adapter that fits 2.5mm ferrules. Other connector style adpaters are available.
  • Power Source
    Powered by three (3) easy to obtain AAA Alkaline batteries.
  • LED Illumination
    Internal white LED illumination is rated for 100,000 hours of use.
  • Cupped Rubber Eyepiece
    Provides a comfortable eyepiece even while wearing glasses.
  • Magnification
    400x optics for either multimode or singlemode fiber.
  • Safety Filter
    Built in laser safety IR filter provides eye protection.
  • Accessible Controls
    Has a momentary ON/OFF switch for the light source, and a fine focus control wheel making adjustments easy and convenient for the user.