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T124 Cable Shield Splice Tester

Wilcom T124 Cable Shield Splice Tester is an accurate measuring device which provides measurement of the conditions existing at cable shield splices, checks the integrity of ground connection, and checks the condition of capacitors across insulated splices. Two probes, capacitively coupled to the shield of the cable under test, are connected to very high-input impedance amplifiers contained in the probe assemblies. The outputs of the two amplifiers are fed through a cable to a balanced transformer circuit in a measuring set. The measuring set is connected to any stable ground.
When the two probes are placed on the same section of cable, the two signals generate a very low level reading on the measuring set; this reading is taken as a reference. The probes are then placed across a splice. If the shield splice is good, the two probes pick up the same signal level, and the reading on the measuring set equals the reference previously measured. If the splice bonding is defective, a higher reading is observed on the meter. The difference between the reference reading and the reading across the splice is an indication of the nature of the fault. See Data Sheet for more information.

Product Description

Cable shield continuity Test Set w/ Cable & Probe
Model Part Number Price Quantity
T124 30124010 $3,495.00

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