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PS-36W Flush-mount xDSL POTS Splitter

The Wilcom PS-36W is a passive, low-pass filter designed to provide POTS service in concert with VDSL2 technology. Unlike inline ???micro filters???, only a single master splitter is required at the residence to filter all the existing phone extensions.
This high-performance splitter is ideally suited for video over xDSL applications such as IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) by providing robust ring-trip protection which can eliminate video pixelization caused by off-hook and ring-trip events.
The PS-36W can be used in multi-dwelling units where access to a standard NID is restricted or not practical. A single splitter can be flush wall mounted within an existing telephone junction box for a unobtrusive and neat appearance. The xDSL modem and optional local phone simply plug into the front RJ-11 jack for a complete master splitter solution.
The PS-36W will operate will all forms of DSL for maximum flexibility and system longevity. Additionally, the PS-36W includes a full three year warrantee.

Product Description

Flush-mount xDSL POTS Splitter
Model Part Number Price Quantity
PS-36W 30036060 $49.95

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  • Compatible with any DSL
    The PS-36W Master POTS Splitter is compatible with all ADSL and VDSL2 coding schemes
  • Meets ANSI T1.413 and G.992.1 Specifications
    The PS-36W Master POTS Splitter is fully compliant with the requirements of:
    ANSI T1.413-1998 Annex E & ITU-T G.992.1(ADSL)
    G.992.2 (ADSL2)
    G.992.5 (ADSL2+)
    G.993.2 (VDSL2)
  • Easy Front Access Jacks
    XDSL jack connects direct to modem and PHONE jack is available for a nearby telephone
  • Rear Terminal Block
    The PS-36W ADSL Master POTS Splitter has a robust rear terminal block for LINE-in and PHONE-out (filtered)
  • Passive Low Pass Filter
    Passive circuitry for continuous phone service in the event of an AC power failure
  • Easily Mounted
    The compact Master POTS Splitter can be flush wall mounted in a standard electrical box with included srews
  • Unlimited DSL Bandwidth
    Supports connections to 30 MHz for the full 4096 subcarriers and data speeds of 200 Mbps