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T207 Longitudinal Balance Test Set

The T207 Longitudinal Balance Test Set is designed to measure the longitudinal balance of single-port or two-port circuits and devices. This test set permits evaluation of relays, feed coils, networks, long-line units, amplifiers and other equipment present on the typical communications circuit. These devices may have poor longitudinal balance and thus contribute to the susceptibleness of the facility. The measuring technique and circuit configuration conforms to the IEEE standard 455-1976 for Longitudinal Balance Measurements. Longitudinal balance measurements may be made at single frequencies in the range of 40 Hz to 4 kHz. Also, as an added feature of the Model T207, a figure of merit balance measurement may be made using a shaped waveform which is representative of a power induced noise spectral distribution. Single frequency measurements on circuits with balance approaching 80 dB can be made with a typical accuracy of ?? 1 dB. See Data Sheet for more information.

Product Description

Longitudinal Balance Test Set
Model Part Number Price Quantity
T207 30207013 $8,750.00

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