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    Wholesale Cable- Plenum CAT 6 Cable- PVC CAt 6 Cable-Enhanced CAT 6 Cable- Category 5e Cable- Category 6 Cable- 4 Pair Plenum Cable- CAT 6 Cable- Outdoor Rated CAT 5e Cable- Smart Home Cable- Media Twist Cable- 350 MHZ UTP Cable

    American Tech Supply offers a wide variety of CAT6 UTP twisted pair cables ranging from Plenum CAT 6 Cable by Commscope's 5504M, Belden's Media Twist and Helix Hi Temps's equivalent's CAT 6 enhanced cables.We also have a full range of PVC CAT 6 rated cables, CAT 5e, outdoor rated CAT 5e cable, CAT 6, and CAT 6 Plenum enhanced, Smart Cable, and indoor/outdoor rated cable to suit your needs from several manufacturers. CommScope's CAT 6 cable offers unshielded twisted pair cable technology that is designed to serve the high speed local area network marketplace. CommScope's Network products are among the highest performing twisted pair products on the market. We have great pricing on Category 6 Enhanced -CAT 6 Cable equivalent to the Belden 7852A Cable for about 40% less. Please call us today at (866) 650-DATA.

    American Tech Supply also offers wholesale priced CAT 5e Cable via "pallet purchasing" in 1000 foot reels for less than $32.00 per box. Please call for details at (866) 650-DATA.

    Dielectric Cables Outdoor OSP Cables
    Military Cables
    Security Cables
    Indoor- Outdoor Cables
    Datacom/Central Office Cables

    Category 6 UTP (SuperCAT1000) plenum (805508), non-plenum (705508) and patch cables (705708) with 200 MHz bandwidth that deliver 2.4 GHz performance Equivalent TO BELDEN Media Twist Part Number 7852A at 40% Less!!


    UltraPipe Category 6e+ cables exceed all proposed Category 6 specifications and provides superior bandwidth performance up to 550Mhz to support broadband video and high-speed full-duplex transmission protocols. It defines a new level of performance with a 300% improvement in PowerSum Crosstalk and a 60% improvement in return loss over Category 6. UltraPipe's patented design includes the revolutionary Isolator pair separator, which resolves NEXT and ELFEXT issues required for accurate transmission using all four pairs.

    6ECMP 4 pair non 3x1

    6ECMR 4 pair non-plenum

    6EJCM 4 pair patch cord


    UltraMedia Cable

    Engineered specifically for high-speed, full-duplex, parallel transmission protocols that dominate new technologies, UltraMedia's patented design, which includes the revolutionary Isolator pair separator, resolves ELFEXT and balance issues required for accurate transmission using all four pairs. Specified to 400Mhz, UltraMedia provides the performance margin against Category 6 requirements necessary for bandwidth intensive applications such as 3D imaging and Gigabit Ethernet.

    7504 4 pair plenum

    75N4 4 pair non-plenum

    6NF4 4 pair outdoor


    Media 6

    Media 6 meets all Category 6 specification to support broadband video and high speed, full-duplex transmission protocols that new technologies demand. Features include a flexible jacket, thousand to zero footage markers, vibrant colored pairs with a co-extruded color stripe for easy identification, and a smaller OD than typical Category 6 products

    4 pair plenum

    Residential Cabling Products

    When it comes to residential cabling, look to CommScope to provide the solution. Our UltraHome® cables meet the needs of voice, data, and video applications in one easy-to-install product. The UltraHome family consists of coaxial cable, Category 5e unshielded twisted pair, and multimode fiber in single, Siamese, and bundled configurations designed for delivering true multimedia inside the home.

    Recently, CommScope introduced their expanded Residential Cabling line. The Residential Cabling catalog contains 20 new coaxial, fiber, and UTP cables for residential voice, data, and video applications in single, Siamese, and bundled designs. CommScope's UltraHome® residential cabling products provide the foundation to support the capabilities of today's technology as well as those of the future


    DRAKA- Helix -Hi Temp Products

    Category 6 UTP (SuperCAT1000) plenum (805508), non-plenum (705508) and patch cables (705708) with 200 MHz bandwidth that deliver 2.4 GHz performance

    Enhanced Category 5e UTP (SuperCAT360) plenum (804508), non-plenum (704508) and patch cables (704708) tested to 360 MHz for extended Category 5e performance

    Category 5e UTP (SuperCAT100E)
    plenum (803308), non-plenum (703408) and patch cables (701308) that meet all Category 5e performance criteria

    Category 5e UTP for outdoor applications (All Weather SuperCAT)
    for direct buried, duct or aerial applications (763108) when Cat5e performance is needed to withstand weather or temperature extremes - aluminum armored (763208) and steel armored (763308) versions available

    Category 5 (SuperCAT100) plenum (803508), non-plenum (703108) and patch cables (701008) delivering solid 100 MHz Category 5 performance - 25 pair versions are available in plenum (803150) and non-plenum (703150) constructions

    Category 3 UTP - plenum (801308), non-plenum (702308) and patch cables (700708) available - 25 pair versions are available in plenum (801350) and non-plenum (702350) constructions - patch cables available in 2, 3 and 4 pair


    Local Area Network Products - Category 5e+

    5504M 4 pair plenum 3x1

    5504 4 pair plenum 4x0

    55N4R 4 pair non-plenum

    5524M 8 pair plenum 3x1

    5N54 8 pair non-plenum

    5NF4 4 pair outdoor


    This all weather SuperCAT cable is an outdoor rated CAT 5e cable that can be installed directly in the ground, inside a duct or aerially lashed to a support member. The cable is fully flooded and has a tough UV and abrasion resistant black polyethlene jacket. The cable is designed to withstand temperatures as low as -70degrees C (Celsius) and as high as 75 degress C. Data transmission rates are up to 100Ms/second. This cable is the ideal solution for connecting LAN terminal locations outside the main building such as portable classrooms without the need to use expensive optical fiber systems.Optional aluminum or steel shielding systems provide addtional protection for EMI and damage caused by rodents.

    Order Part Number:

    ATS 763108 CAT 5e Outoor Cable (miminum 5,000 Order)

    ATS 763208 Aluminum Shielded Cable (Call For Minimum Order)

    ATS 763308 Steel Shielded Cable (Call For Minimum Order)

    Part Number- CAT 5e -Standard- Non- Molded-Crimped

    Colors-Available In Orange In CAT 5e Only!


    Type Of Patch Cord

    These Are Non-booted-crimped type

    Suggested Price- Please Call For Quantity Discounts
    560-100-003GRAYCAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.89
    560-100-005CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.98
    560-100-007 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.19
    560-100-010 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.49
    560-100-014 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.89
    560-100-025 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$2.98
    560-100-050 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$5.69
    560-100-100 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$9.69
    560-110-003BLUECAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.89
    560-110-005 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.98
    560-110-007 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.19
    560-110-010 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.49
    560-110-014 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.89
    560-110-025 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$2.98
    560-110-050 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$5.69
    560-110-100 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$9.69
    560-135-003BLACKCAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.89
    560-135-005 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.98
    560-135-007 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.19
    560-135-010 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.49
    560-135-014 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.89
    560-135-025 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$2.98
    560-135-050 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$5.69
    560-135-100 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$9.69
    560-125-003WHITECAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.89
    560-125-005 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.98
    560-125-007 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.19
    560-125-010 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.49
    560-125-014 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.89
    560-125-025 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$2.98
    560-125-050 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$5.69
    560-125-100 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$9.69
    560-130-003REDCAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.89
    560-130-005 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.98
    560-130-007 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.19
    560-130-010 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.49
    560-130-014 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.89
    560-130-025 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$2.89
    560-130-050 CAT 5e 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$5.69
    560-130-100 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$9.69
    560-120-003GREENCAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.89
    560-120-005 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.98
    560-120-007 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.19
    560-120-010 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.49
    560-120-014 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.89
    560-120-025 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$2.98
    560-120-050 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$5.69
    560-120-100 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$9.69
    560-115-003YELLOWCAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.89
    560-115-005 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.98
    560-115-007 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.19
    560-115-010 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.49
    560-115-014 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.89
    560-115-025 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$2.98
    560-115-050 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$5.69
    560-115-100 CAT 5e ENHANCED PATCH CORD$9.69
    560-140-005 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.98
    560-140-007 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.19
    560-140-010 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.49
    560-140-014 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.89
    560-140-025 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$2.98
    560-140-050 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$5.69
    560-140-100 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$9/69
    560-145-005 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.98
    560-145-007 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.19
    560-145-010 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.49
    560-145-014 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.89
    560-145-025 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$2.98
    560-145-050 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$5.69
    560-145-100 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$9.69

    CAT 5e Molded Patch Cords

    Color- Orange Available in CAT 5e Only
    CAT 5e Molded Patch Cords With Flush Boots
    570-100-005 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.98
    570-100-007 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.19
    570-100-010 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.49
    570-100-014 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.89
    570-100-025 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$2.98
    570-100-050 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$5.69
    570-100-100 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$9/69
    570-110-005 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.98
    570-110-007 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.19
    570-110-010 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.49
    570-110-014 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.89
    570-110-025 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$2.98
    570-110-050 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$5.69
    570-110-100 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$9.69
    570-135-005 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.98
    570-135-007 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.19
    570-135-010 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.49
    570-135-014 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.89
    570-135-025 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD $2.98
    570-135-050 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$5.69
    570-135-100 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$9.69
    570-125-005 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.98
    570-125-007 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.19
    570-125-010 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.49
    570-125-014 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.89
    570-125-025 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$2.98
    570-125-050 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$5.69
    570-125-100 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$9.69
    570-130-005 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.98
    570-130-007 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.19
    570-130-010 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.49
    570-130-014 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.89
    570-130-025 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$2.98
    570-130-050 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$5.69
    570-130-100 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$9.69
    570-120-005 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.98
    570-120-007 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.19
    570-120-010 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.49
    570-120-014 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.89
    570-120-025 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$2.98
    570-120-050 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$5.69
    570-120-100 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$9.69
    570-115-005 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.98
    570-115-007 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.19
    570-115-010 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.49
    570-115-014 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.89
    570-115-025 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$2.98
    570-115-050 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$5.69
    570-115-100 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$9.69
    570-140-005 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.98
    570-140-007 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.19
    570-140-010 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.49
    570-140-014 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.89
    570-140-025 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$2.98
    570-140-050 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$5.69
    570-140-100 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$9.69
    570-145-005 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$0.98
    570-145-007 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.19
    570-145-010 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.49
    570-145-014 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$1.89
    570-145-025 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$2.98
    570-145-050 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$5.69
    570-145-100 CATEGORY 5 ENHANCED PATCH CORD$9.69
    Cat 6 Patch Cords
    CAT 6 Molded/boot Patch Cords
    576-100-005 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$2.19
    576-100-007 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$2.69
    576-100-010 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$3.39
    576-100-014 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$3.89
    576-100-025 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$6.29
    576-110-005 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$2.19
    576-110-007 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$2.69
    576-110-010 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$3.39
    576-110-014 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$3.89
    576-110-025 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$6.29
    576-135-005 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$2.19
    576-135-007 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$2.69
    576-135-010 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$3.39
    576-135-014 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$3.89
    576-135-025 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$6.29
    576-125-005 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$2.19
    576-125-007 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$2.69
    576-125-010 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$3.39
    576-125-014 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$3.89
    576-125-025 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$6.29
    576-130-005 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$2.19
    576-130-007 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$2.69
    576-130-010 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$3.39
    576-130-014 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$3.89
    576-130-025 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$6.29
    576-120-005 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$2.19
    576-120-007 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$2.69
    576-120-010 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$3.39
    576-120-014 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$3.89
    576-120-025 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$6.29
    576-115-005 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$2.19
    576-115-007 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$2.69
    576-115-010 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$3.39
    576-115-014 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$3.89
    576-115-025 CATEGORY 6 MOLDED PATCH CORD$6.29


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