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Cat 6 110-Style Wall-mount

Product Overview

Part Number : WW-000812

The Wirewerks 110-Type Wall Mount patch panels are a perfect match for space saving and low-density applications. The patch panels are made from high-quality ABS UL 94V-0 thermo-plastic. They include a standard 89D Bracket for easy mounting on the wall. The patch panel snaps into the 89D Bracket effortlessly and can also be mounted reversibly for quick access to the back for termination of 110-Type modules. For port identification, each port is numbered to identify the cable runs with write-on designation labels with a clear hinged windows in the front. The patch panels are pre-loaded with 6-port Cat5e or Cat6 110-Type modules and pr ov ide flexible termination on the back using a 110 Punch-Down Tool. The RJ45 contact blades ar e 50??in gold plated. Broken or damaged connectors are no longer a hassle; the Wirewerks 6-Port Cat5e or Cat6 110-type modules provide easy snap-in replacement for the wall mount panels.


  • Telecommunications or Equipment Room
  • Data Centers
  • Multimedia Room
  • Consolidation Points
  • MDU Residential Solutions

Features and Benefits

  • Pre-Loaded with 6-Port Cat5e or Cat6 110-Type modules
  • Installation hardware and instructions manual are included
  • Replaceable 6-Port Cat5e or Cat6 110-Type modules
  • Color-coded termination for T568A/B wiring schemes.
  • Compatible with 110 Punch-down Tool.
  • Reversible Mounting on 89D Bracket for Easy Termination.
  • Port Identification window for each port

Technical Specs

  • Material (Panel) : ABS UL 94V-0 Plastic
  • Material (Spring-Wire): Phosphor Bronze Alloy Plated with 50??in Gold over 70-100??in of Nickel
  • Material (IDC): Phosphor Bronze Alloy with 100??in 100% Tin alloy
  • Storage Temp : Min -40??C (-40??F) Max 125??C (257??F)
  • Operation Temp: Min -20??C (-4??F) Max 60??C (104??F)
  • Dimensions (W X D X H): 10” X 2.35” X 2.30”
  • Plug Retention 50 N (11 lbf) for 60 seconds
  • Mating Cycles ???750 Cycles
  • IDC Wire Gauge 22-24 AWG
  • Insulation Resistance ???500 M?? at 100 V DC
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 1000 V DC or AC Peak Contact-to-Contact at 60 Hz for 1 minute.
  • Spring Wire Contact Resistance ???20 m??
  • IDC Wire Contact Resistance ???2.5 m??

Certifications & Compliances

Listed Communication Circuit Accessories
Category 6 and Category 5e with the Applicable Electrical Transmission Characteristics
Administration Standard for Telecommunications Infrastructure
Requirements for Cabinets, Racks, Panels, and Associated Equipment
FCC 47 PART 68:
Connection of the Terminal Equipment to the Telephone Network
Directive on Restriction of Hazardous Substances




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