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WIREMAID's product line is designed for ease of installation, safety and value. Dedicated to service and excellence in workmanship, WIREMAID continually strives to be at the vanguard of its industry.


J-Tray is a specialty cable management product that provides greater support spacing and used for small to medium size cable bundles. Manufactured by Wiremaid, this cable support system eliminates sagging or bending of cables such as a J-Hook allows.

J-Tray can be attached to a wide variety of structures, designed to alleviate damage and prohibit overbending and poor cable performance.

Constructed from high quality steel for strength and durability. J-Tray improves cable protection and relieves stress on the supported cables and offers superior performance with easy installation.

Sizes available: 22" or 48" long Powder coated finish available in: yellow,white,chrome,black,red,blue, and orange.









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