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National Wireless Supplier- Wireless Products-Welcome to American Tech Supply a national Wireless Supplier where we specialize in wireless equipment and national wireless rollouts for WISP's, CLEC's, Carriers, Municipalities, Hotels, Conference Centers, Dealers Contractors and national chains and franchises looking to offer wireless services to their customers and visitors. Our wireless solution range from wireless switching and transmission equipment to antennas, to outdoor cell site enclosures. We have wireless solutions for the local restaurant or Pizza chain to offer WIFI to customers on a lunch break with their laptops to offering substantial discount to national wireless rollouts to franchises and hotel chains. Our wireless solutions for major hotel chains range from lobby and pool WIFI services to entire campus solutions. For municipalities we offer large WIFI solutions to deliver wireless Internet access to shoppers to offering remote wireless carrier grade services to remote- Rural areas.

We carry the wireless equipment from many manufacturers- too many to list here so we ask if you do not see it listed here please call us at (866) 342-3721 and ask one of our national sales executives your wireless network questions.


Access One Network

Access/One Network OWS
Access/One Network IWS
Integrated Wireless
Video Surveillance System (IWVS)
Access/One Network OWS is a coherent multi-radio, multi-channel, and multi-RF wireless mesh network system that brings extended range, comprehensive management and enhanced security to large scale metropolitan and regional networks.
Access/One OWS

Access/One Network IWS is not just another wireless access point.

With our Access/One Network product, Strix Systems sets the standard for what a wireless LAN network should be – completely wireless, easy to deploy, and easy to manage.
  Access/One IWS™

Connectronics introduces the Integrated Wireless Video Surveillance System (IWVS)
for the new generation of broadband wireless video surveillance. 
The IWVS, powered by Strix Edge™ wireless access, is the first integrated wireless video system to offer high performance 802.11a and high power (DRSC-C) 4.9 GHz for licensed public safety applications with optional 802.11g for WiFi client access.
Outdoor Wireless Systems - 2400 Series  
Part No.  Model No. Description 
82-3360 OWS2400-10 12x10x6 Unit, 1 A/G Board, 2 Type N antenna connectors, A/C, lightning/surge
includes solar shield
82-3363  OWS2400-20 12x10x6 Unit, 2 A/G Board, 4 Type N antenna connectors, A/C, lightning/surge
includes solar shield
OWS2400-30 12x10x6 Unit, 3 A/G Board, 6 Type N antenna connectors, A/C, lightning/surge
includes solar shield

Outdoor Systems - 3600 Series  
Part No.  Model No. Description 
82-3370 OWS3600-20* 14x12x8 Unit, 2 A/G Board, 4 Type N antenna connectors, A/C, lightning/surge
includes solar shield
82-3373 OWS3600-30* 14x12x8 Unit, 3 A/G Board, 6 Type N antenna connectors, A/C, lightning/surge
includes solar shield

* Special order: requires lead time

OWS Network Servers
Part No.  Model No. Description 
82-3380 OWS-NS8 OWS Network Server, up to 8 Nodes
82-3381 OWS-NS24* OWS Network Server, up to 24 Nodes*
82-3382  OWS-NS48* OWS Network Server, up to 48 Nodes*
OWS-NS96* OWS Network Server, up to 96 Nodes*

* Special order, requires lead time

OWS Options and Accessories
Part No.  Model No. Description 
82-3377 OWS11AG20 Single A/G board, Gen. 2.0
(includes 2 internal antenna cables and mounting hardware)*
Diversity antenna wiring kit 1 cable, 1 bulkheads *
Outdoor Rated Power Cable, 6 Foot Length, Street Lamp Photocell Tap [3]
Outdoor Rated Field Attachable Power Connector
(includes indoor rated service cable)
82-3395 OWS-AMB24 Adjustable Mounting Kit
Outdoor Power Cable, 6 ft. length (add .25/ft beyond 6 ft.)

*Requires installation by Strix Authorized Personnel
Edge Wireless System
Part No. Model No. Description
82-3368 EWS100 Edge Wireless System, Dual Radio (11a/11g), 100mW provides simplified high performance connectivity between an  OWS, a LAN, and/or an indoor WLAN.
82-3367 EWS150 Edge Wireless System, Single Radio (11g), 400mW provides simplified high performance connectivity between an  OWS, a LAN, and/or an indoor WLAN.

Mobile Wireless System
Mobile Wireless System

Antennas Options - Strix OWS Installations (N-Female Connector)
2.4 GHz Omni 9.0 dBi Gain
2.4 GHz Omni, 7° down tilt  9dBi Gain
2.4 GHz 120 Sector 12.0 dBi Gain
4.9 GHz Omni Pole Mount 11dBi Gain

5.0-6.0 GHz 30° Sector 22 dBi N-Female
5.0-6.0 GHz 90° Sector 17 dBi N-Female
5.0-6.0 GHz 120° Sector 16 dBi N-Female
5.1-5.8 GHz Panel Antenna 5 GHz 19 dBi Gain
5.8 GHz Omni Bulkhead Mount 10 dBi Gain
5.8 GHz Patch 12.0 dBi Gain
5.8 GHz Panel, Pole Mt 23.0 dBi Gain
5.8 GHz Panel, Articultng 23.0 dBi Gain
5.8 GHz Parabolic 29.0 dBi Gain
Optional Accessories - suppressor, cable and adapters
11a/g Lightning Suppressor (2.4GHz & 5GHz), Type-N F/F
11a/g Lightning Suppressor (2.4GHz & 5GHz), Type-N M/F
Mounting Bracket for Lightning Suppressor
LMR-200 Cable Assembly, 2 Foot Length, Type-RP-SMA to N-Male
LMR-400 Cable Assembly, 2 Foot Length, Type-N M/M
LMR-400 Cable Assembly, 6 Foot Length, Type-N M/M
LMR-400 Cable Assembly, 10 Foot Length, Type-N M/M
LMR-400 Cable Assembly, 15 Foot Length, Type-N M/M
LMR-400 Cable Assembly, Custom Length, Type-N M/M
Type-N M/M Barrel Adapter
Type-N M/F Right-angle Adapter
Outdoor Rated Type-N Cover, (N-Male) 
Outdoor Rated 50 Ohm Load, (N-Male)
50 Ohm Load, (SMA-Male)

IWS Base Modules
Part No.  Model No. Description 
82-3310 BME0  Wireless Base Module, AC only  (requires 82-3319 power adapter)
82-3311 BME1  Base Module with 1 Ethernet, AC and PoE* Requires 82-3319 power adapter
82-3313  BME4  Base Module with 4 Ethernet, AC and PoE* Requires 82-3319 power adapter
PSWW Power Adapter for use with any Base Module

PoE (802.3af compatible) Power Injector with Power Cord

IWS Network Server  

Part No. Model No.  Description 
Network Server Module, up to 4 Nodes
Network Server Module, up to 8 Nodes
Network Server Module, up to 24 Nodes
Network Server Module, up to 48 Nodes

IWS Wireless Modules
Part No.  Model No.  Description 
82-3301 WM11GE  802.11b/g Wireless Module 
82-3302  WM11AE 802.11a only Wireless Module 

IWS Antennas (Internal & External)
Part No.  Model No.  Description 
82-3314 AM11AABG  Antenna Module, Dual 802.11a OR 802.11a & b/g 
82-3315  EAOMNI  External Ceiling-mount Omni Antenna, 4 dBi, 802.11a/b/g  (RP-SMA plug)

IWS Other Modules and Accessories
Part No. Model No. 
82-3317  AMEC
External Antenna Cap 
AMEC-LC External Antenna Cap - no cables
82-3319  PSWW
Power Adapter for use with any Base Module 

IWS Options
Part No.  Model No. Description 
82-3320 SLCDT  Security Locking Cable, Desktop 
82-3321  SLCKIT  Security Locking Cable, Wall/Ceiling 
82-3322 MTKIT  Wall/Ceiling Mounting Kit 
Antennas / Accessories

Strix Antennas

Part No. 

•    Rubber Ducks are 7" long
•    Frequency Range 2.4 GHz or 5.15-5.35 GHz
•    Adjustable knuckle with 0° and 90° detents
82-3314  Antenna Module, Dual 802.11a OR 802.11a & b/g 
82-2007  5 dBi, 2.4 GHz, Rubber Duck with RP-SMA 
82-2026 7 dBi, 2.4 GHz,  Rubber Duck with RP-SMA
82-2008  5 dBi, 5.15-5.35 GHz, Rubber Duck with RP-SMA 
82-3315  External Ceiling-mount Omni Ant., 4 dBi, 80211.a/b/g 

2.4/5.8 GHz Omni Base Station Antennas

82-3345  9 dBi, 2.4 GHz Omni  
82-3338  9 dBi, 2.4 GHz Omni,  7° down tilt  
82-2102 10 dBi, 5.8 GHz Omni, 7°  vertical, 21"    

5 GHz Directional Panel Antennas

23 dBi, 5 GHz Panel Antenna, Pole Mt.               
23 dBi, 5 GHz Panel - Adjustable Mt.  
82-6718 12.0 dBi Patch Antenna with N-Female (5.725-5.825 GHz)
82-5344 19 dBi Panel Antenna 5 GHz 19 dBi Panel with N-Female

2.4 GHz Sector Antennas
82-3342 12 dBi, 120° Sector, w/ N-F   

2.4/5.8 GHz Parabolic Grid Antenna

82-5468 29dBi, 5.8 GHz Grid, w/ N-Female 

Cable Accessories

Adapter Cable, RP-SMA Plug to N-Male          
LMR-400 Low-LossCable, 10 ft, N-M to N-M
LMR-400 Low-LossCable, 10 ft, N-M to N-F

Lightning Suppressors

• Bulkhead Mount
• Surge side connector: N-Female
• Protected side connector per part:
   82-3709 N-Female
   82-3710 N-Male

• Surge protection 20kA
• -40°C to +85°C
• VSWR 1.3 or less
• For non-bulkhead mounting use kit 82-6450 below
Lightning Suppressor N-Female to Female
82-3710 Lightning Suppressor N-Male to Female
Mounting Bracket Kit

Power over Ethernet (PoE)
PoE Power Injector w/ Power Cord        
• 802.3af compliant
PoE Data Sheet

Integrated Wireless Video Surveillance System (IWVS)
Part No.
82-0600 IWVS Standard - Wall Mount & No Antenna
IWVS Standard - Pole Mount & No Antenna
IWVS Standard - Pole Mount & Mid Gain 5GHz Omni
IWVS Standard - Pole Mount & High Gain 5 GHz Omni
IWVS Standard - Pole Mount & 5 GHz Patch

IWVS Heater/Blower - Wall Mount & No Antenna
82-0610-PM IWVS Heater/Blower - Pole Mount & No Antenna
82-0611-PM IWVS Heater/Blower - Pole Mount & Mid Gain 5GHz Omni
IWVS Heater/Blower - Pole Mount & High Gain 5GHz Omni
IWVS Heater/Blower - Pole Mount & 5 GHz Patch

IWVS Ring of Fire - Wall Mount & No Antenna
IWVS Ring of Fire - Pole Mount & No Antenna
IWVS Ring of Fire - Pole Mount & Mid Gain 5GHz Omni
IWVS Ring of Fire - Pole Mount & High Gain 5GHz Omni
IWVS Ring of Fire - Pole Mount & 5 GHz Patch

IWVS Tornado - Wall Mount & No Antenna
IWVS Tornado - Pole Mount & No Antenna
IWVS Tornado - Pole Mount & Mid Gain 5GHz Omni
82-0632-PM IWVS Tornado - Pole Mount & High Gain 5GHz Omni
IWVS Tornado - Pole Mount & 5 GHz Patch

IWVS Cooldome - Wall Mount & No Antenna
IWVS Cooldome - Pole Mount & No Antenna
82-0641-PM IWVS Cooldome - Pole Mount & Mid Gain 5GHz Omni
82-0642-PM IWVS Cooldome - Pole Mount & High Gain 5GHz Omni
IWVS Cooldome - Pole Mount & 5 GHz Patch
IWVS Data Sheet

Access/One Network OWS
Access/One Network IWS

Access/One Network OWS enables the deployment of 802.11 networks across large urban areas, rural counties and entire regions — ideal for government agencies, public utility and transportation providers, and mobile users who want uninterrupted service on a citywide basis. Unlike traditional access points that offer limited coverage within predefined hot spots, or single radio/single RF mesh solutions that won’t scale, Access/One Network OWS provisions wireless hot zones that can extend over hundreds of square miles. Not an access point, but a fully integrated and coherent wireless network system that delivers intelligence, scalability, security and unrivaled performance to the outdoor environment.

The Future Is Now
Access/One Network OWS delivers any mix of backhaul and client services in a single form factor to simplify planning and installation, reduce deployment costs, and deliver a high performance wireless mesh networking system.

Access/One Network OWS builds on our proven indoor distributed mesh architecture by offering backhaul and client services in a high performance 802.11a/b/g model, unlike competitive solutions that offer either a single wireless technology or require third party APs to provision client services. The roles of specific nodes within the network are determined by the mix of modules mounted in the enclosure and how they are configured—either client connect, network connect, or network server. The Access/One Network OWS can support any combination of 802.11 a/b/g, both to the client and in the mesh backbone, dedicating modules for specific functions within a node. Supporting up to 6 radios in an Access/One Network OWS node means maximum flexibility to deliver multi-radio mesh backbones, and multi-RF client connectivity.

Download our System Description Brochure to learn more about how the Access/One Network delivers the highest performance multi-radio, multi-channel, and multi-RF wireless mesh networking system for outdoor deployments.

Access/One Network IWS achieves fully wireless connectivity by incorporating mesh topology. The Access/One Network mesh framework allows for wireless backhaul. Wireless backhaul frees the network from the ties of Ethernet cable. By removing the wires, the Access/One Network is infinitely easier and less expensive to deploy and scale than so-called wireless networks, such as point products and wireless LAN “switch” systems. Both of those solutions require that Ethernet cable be run to the access points. And unlike point products and WLAN “switch” systems, the Access/One Network has no single point of failure that can disrupt the network.

Access/One Network delivers innovative, intelligent management functionality. Access/One Network has distributed intelligence across the system by implementing management software at the node level. Each node is an independent thinking machine, yet all nodes work in concert, constantly inter-communicating to optimize network operation. Access/One Network Nodes self configure, self discover, self tune and self heal.  While Access/One Network self-manages, the same management functionality is available via the Manager/One software interface, giving the IT manager complete manual control over Access/One Network’s operation.

Not only does Access/One Network deliver an easily managed, truly wireless LAN system, it does so in a small, light-weight, modular design that’s easy to deploy. Every Access/One Network Node supports multiple RF technologies, giving you the ability to build the network that’s right for you. Access/One Network can accommodate any combination of 802.11a/b/g.

Modularity offers the ultimate in flexibility. Changing RF technology configurations is as easy as replacing modules. Strix Systems’ future proofs your investment, too. As future RF technologies become available, Access/One Network is ready to adopt.

IT managers demand comprehensive network security. Access/One Network delivers with a full suite of standards based security options for authentication and encryption. Learn more about Strix Systems’ security by reading our security recommendations paper.

Strix Systems further lowers the costs and hurdles to implementation by creating an open standards-based wireless LAN solution. Access/One Network works as a stand-alone network, but easily integrates into any existing LAN environment. There’s no need to integrate new applications or invest in costly hardware add-ons.

No Wires – A truly wireless networking solution
No Waiting – Fast, easy deployments
No Worries – A wireless networking system that is secure, easy to manage, and built to grow with you.

Network Server
The Network Server is a critical component in the Access/One Network.  It consists of a hardware platform and base software, plus additional optional software modules.  The hardware is an Access/One Network module and can be installed into any Network Node within the system.  The software running on this module provides much of the intelligence within the system and facilitates most of Access/One Network’s unique features and functions.

Overseeing management and control of the system, the Network Server provides distributed functionality that enables the Access/One Network to function as a secure wireless system that scales as the Enterprise network grows.

Some of the key features provided by the Network Server are:

• Advanced Security (standards-based and enhanced, system-wide) 
• Dynamic Operation (self-configuration, self-tuning and self-healing) 
• Network Management (monitor, configure, diagnose and meter) 
• Traffic Prioritization and Control (switching and routing) 
  Enhanced User Mobility and Tracking

Network Server options are:
    Network Server Module
    Bluetooth Mobility Software

Client Connect
Client Connect is the system topology that enables Access/One Network to support and provide access to client devices using any wireless technology.  Consisting of a series of Access/One Network modules supporting 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, the Client Connect choice enables you to customize each Network Node to support the wireless technologies you need in the enterprise locations you need them.

By providing the widest mix of wireless technologies available in a single system, Access/One Network enables end users to connect to the network no matter what standards-based wireless technology they use.  Any mix of these technologies can be supported within a single Network Node or across the entire Access/One Network.

Whether users carry a notebook, PDA, barcode reader, or other WLAN or Bluetooth device, they are able to stay continually connected to the network as they move about the building.  No special software is needed on the device. No special configuration is needed to remain connected.

Access/One Network was designed to be modular and flexible, and each Network Node is capable of supporting one, two or three Client Connect modules of any type and mix, providing you with the configuration options to meet all your user connectivity needs.  In addition, support of future Client Connect wireless technologies, such as 802.16a or Ultrawideband, is as simple as adding the appropriate module to the Network Nodes where needed.

The Client Connect category of Access/One Network enables you to provide secure network access for any type and mix of wireless users within your network infrastructure.  This enables support for diverse wireless user requirements at all levels of the organization (corporate, divisional, departmental and group level).

Client Connect is available in these configurations:
    802.11a Client Connect
    802.11b Client Connect
    802.11g Client Connect
    Bluetooth Client Connect

Network Connect
Network Connect is the system infrastructure used by Access/One Network for wired or wireless connection to the corporate LAN. Each Network Node within the Access/One Network can utilize a wired 10/100 Ethernet or wireless 802.11a/802.11g module as a method of Node interconnectivity or connection to the enterprise network. Providing this wired or wireless choice for Node connectivity to the network achieves the ultimate in network flexibility and control.

When Nodes in the Access/One Network are equipped with the wireless Network Connect option,
the system provides several distinct advantages over a typical wireless network that uses wired connections, including:
    •    Secure Networking – LAN connection has strong encryption by default
    •    Self Tuning – discovery of optimal path for greatest performance
    •    Self Healing – failure conditions are routed around with no user intervention
    •    Highly Scalable – system grows without the need for infrastructure changes
    •    Simple Installation – system self configures itself, no additional wiring
    •    Cost Effective – high costs of pulling Ethernet cables are avoided

Unlike traditional wired 10/100 Ethernet LAN connections used by Access Points and WLAN Switches, the wireless Network Connect option for Access/One Network provides an advanced level of security between the Node and the corporate LAN. Utilizing AES encryption with a secret key by default, the wireless Network Connect link is secure and cannot be  compromised.

Access/One Network also supports a Network Connect via 10/100 Ethernet. When configured with this option, the Network Node connects to the network via a traditional wired Ethernet link, much like other Access Point and WLAN Switch solutions. The difference is that the Node is part of a cohesive and scalable wireless system, taking full advantage of the benefits that Access/One Network brings.

Support for Power over Ethernet (PoE) is included as standard when using wired Network Connect, with three different types supported in all products, including IEEE 802.3af and Cisco’s two proprietary versions.

The Network Connect category of Access/One Network provides you with the most flexible networking options.  Choose from traditional wired 10/100 Ethernet, or a revolutionary method of wireless connectivity that brings unprecedented system features and capabilities.

Network Connect is available in these configurations:
 Wired Ethernet Network Connect
    Wireless 802.11a Network Connect



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