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National Wireless Supplier- Wireless Products-Welcome to American Tech Supply a national Wireless Supplier where we specialize in wireless equipment and national wireless rollouts for WISP's, CLEC's, Carriers, Municipalities, Hotels, Conference Centers, Dealers Contractors and national chains and franchises looking to offer wireless services to their customers and visitors. Our wireless solution range from wireless switching and transmission equipment to antennas, to outdoor cell site enclosures. We have wireless solutions for the local restaurant or Pizza chain to offer WIFI to customers on a lunch break with their laptops to offering substantial discount to national wireless rollouts to franchises and hotel chains. Our wireless solutions for major hotel chains range from lobby and pool WIFI services to entire campus solutions. For municipalities we offer large WIFI solutions to deliver wireless Internet access to shoppers to offering remote wireless carrier grade services to remote- Rural areas.

We carry the wireless equipment from many manufacturers- too many to list here so we ask if you do not see it listed here please call us at (866) 342-3721 and ask one of our national sales executives your wireless network questions.


        Experts in Time & Frequency Calibration, Measurement and Analysis


Part No. Description
38-2072 Analyze-R ™ Model 2261A Spectrum Monitor / Analyzer
Dual Band Rubber Duck 2.4/5GHz for use with Model 2261 Spectrum Monitor / Analyzer       
38-2091 Optional Total Channel Power

Analyze-R™ : Spectrum Monitor / Analyzer
with 'Unattended Data Recording' and automatic 'C/I' calculation
The Analyze-R™ , model 2261A, is an affordable, easy-to-use, application-specific Spectrum Monitor/Analyzer that addresses the 900 MHz & 2.4 GHz unlicensed ISM bands; the 3.4–3.6 GHz licensed/unlicensed bands; the 4.9 GHz Public Safety band; the unlicensed 5 GHz U-NII / ISM bands, and the 5.8 GHz DSCR band. The Analyze-R™ is designed for non-technical personnel doing on-site spectrum monitoring and analysis, surveying, installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting of the latest wireless communication systems. The Analyze-R™  contains a data logger, with an embedded GPS receiver and GPS-disciplined real-time clock, for recording displayed data. This unique instrument is designed for field use, is a fraction of the cost of a full-featured general-purpose spectrum analyzer, more sensitive, and far easier to use!
  • Wideband receiver for spread-spectrum signal power measurement and potential interference identification
  • Truly Portable:
    • Battery-Powered, 5–6 hrs. operating time,
      3 hours recharge
    • Light Weight (<7 lbs.) including Battery & Back-Pack
  • LCD display showing entire band spectrum (1 MHz resolution) with tuneable marker showing frequency and power (peak hold or average).
  • 38 Selectable 100 MHz-wide Bands: 900 MHz; 2.4 GHz (ISM); 3.4–4.2 GHz; 4.9 GHz (Public Safety); 5–6 GHz (U-NII/ISM/DSCR).
  • Bands can be swept for power analysis or set to a specific frequency for antenna alignment.
  • Logged data includes: longitude, latitude, received signal level power across band (in 1-MHz steps), date/time, and unit’s model number & serial number. Multiple sweeps may be stored for later download.
  • Unattended Data Recording can now be programmed into the instrument for making measurements at a remote location without personnel being on site.
  • C/I (Carrier to Interference) figure, in dBm, can be automatically calculated to confirm sufficent fade margin for expected link availability. This is the most important link measurement you can make to analyze and resolve multipath and interference issues
  • Total Channel Power - this option provides front panel observation and calculation of "Total Channel Power' with a user defined frequency in Realtime.

Path Align-R™ :  Antenna Alignment Tool
The Path Align-R ™ Model2241 is a complete high performance test solution designed to quickly and accurately optimize the transmission path (link) between two microwave antenna sites…in a matter of minutes! With a transmit power of +0 dBm (0.001 watts) and a maximum receive sensitivity of -100 dBm, the Path Align-R™ will rapidly verify the optimum location for both the receive and transmit antennas. Because the Path Align-R™ directly drives the site's antennas, the optimization process is done without the need for radios, expensive and complex test equipment, ground technicians, on-site AC power, cell phones, two-way radios, etc., etc.…All that is required are the antennas themselves (and adapters and connectors).

If you are an antenna installer,
tower manufacturer,
antenna manufacturer,
or a company that contracts
antenna installation
and/or maintenance...
the Path Align-R may be the best
investment you'll ever make!

  • Four Tuneable Operating Bands (See model designations)
  • Path Loss displayed in dB (0.1 dB resolution / to -100 dBm maximum sensitivity), display updated every 300 ms
  • Tone Ranging: Switchable, provides variable-pitch indication of path loss
  • Continuous Talk and Listen over Link (Full-Duplex Voice, FM Mod.), headset included
  • Battery-powered Alignment Test Set (7 lbs/unit), charger included (3-5 hours operating)
  • Weather-resistant Instrument Back-pack included

The Path Align-R™ test sets are available in several frequency band configurations:
Model 2241 Band Frequencies:
Band 1:  1.8–2.5 GHz
Band 2:  3.5–5.0 GHz & 5.8–6.6 GHz
Band 3:  7.5–10.0 GHz & 11.0–12.0 GHz
Band 4:  18.1–19.4 GHz & 22.0–23.5 GHz
Note:  The Path Align-R test sets may be ordered with less than all four bands
Call Connectronics for details.

Part No. Description
38-2078 Path Align-R™ Model 2241 Transmission Path Optimizer w/ Record-R™ (Includes 2 Transceivers)
38-2078-CR Path Align-R™ Model 2241 Climb Ready Package (Bands 1-4)
Includes Path Align-R™ Model 2241 set and 2 each of the following accessories: spare battery, SMA to N-Type Adapter, watertight case, WR137, WR90, WR112 and WR42 waveguide adapters.
38-2066 ACC 351 Adapter, Ceragon 11GHz Waveguide to Coax - SMA Female 
38-2068 ACC 358 Adapter, Ceragon 18GHz Waveguide to Coax - SMA Female
38-2067 ACC 353 Adapter, Ceragon 23GHz Waveguide to Coax - SMA Female



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