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National Wireless Supplier- Wireless Products-Welcome to American Tech Supply a national Wireless Supplier where we specialize in wireless equipment and national wireless rollouts for WISP's, CLEC's, Carriers, Municipalities, Hotels, Conference Centers, Dealers Contractors and national chains and franchises looking to offer wireless services to their customers and visitors. Our wireless solution range from wireless switching and transmission equipment to antennas, to outdoor cell site enclosures. We have wireless solutions for the local restaurant or Pizza chain to offer WIFI to customers on a lunch break with their laptops to offering substantial discount to national wireless rollouts to franchises and hotel chains. Our wireless solutions for major hotel chains range from lobby and pool WIFI services to entire campus solutions. For municipalities we offer large WIFI solutions to deliver wireless Internet access to shoppers to offering remote wireless carrier grade services to remote- Rural areas.

We carry the wireless equipment from many manufacturers- too many to list here so we ask if you do not see it listed here please call us at (866) 342-3721 and ask one of our national sales executives your wireless network questions.


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AG-3100 Gateway AG-5500 Gateway

Nomadix Access Gateways

Nomadix offers a full range of standalone, turnkey, Access Gateways running its NSE Core software.  All of the Access Gateways come with the NSE Core software package included.  The Nomadix Service Engine™ (NSE) addresses the key issues of customer acquisition, provisioning, security and revenue generation faced by providers and venue owners when deploying Wi-Fi Public-access "HotSpots".  The NSE eliminates barriers encountered by end users accessing these networks by providing a problem-free experience when using the service.

NSE Core Features

Dynamic Address TranslationTM (DAT) 

Transparent Proxy 
Walled Garden
IPSec Support
URL Filtering
PPTP Support
Portal Page Redirect 
Tri-Mode Authentication Support
Session Rate Limiting (SRL)
Home Page Redirect 
Browser-Based over SSL (UAM)
MAC Address Filtering
Session Termination Redirect 
IEEE 802.1x
ICMP Blocking
Pop-Up (Explicit) Log Out Button 
Smart Clients
Proxy ARP
Information and Control Console 
"Remember Me" Log-in
International Language Support 
RADIUS-Driven Configuration
External Web Server Mode 
Bandwidth Management LAN
Command Line Interface (CLI)
Internal Web Server Mode 
Bandwidth Management WAN
Static Port Mapping
Secure XML API over SSL 
SNMP v2 Support
DHCP Server
Multi-Level Admin. Support
RADIUS Client 
DHCP Relay
Access Control List
DHCP Client
Bridge Mode
Smart Client Support 
Multiple Subnet Support
Web Management Interface (WMI) with
Integrated VPN Client for Mgmt.
Port Mapping 
IP Upsell
AG-3100 Gateway Units
The AG-3100 is a turnkey, cost-effective platform designed for small to medium-sized public-access venues. The AG-3100 is transport agnostic and enables the deployment of wired, wireless or hybrid networks supporting up to 200 simultaneous users.
The AG-3100is deployed at the venue supporting from up to 200 simultaneous users in a broadband-enabled environment.  The AG-3100 offers several NSE Core Module and User Count Upgrades so it can grow as your network and users change.


The AG-3100 is:
•    Less susceptible to virus attacks like other Operating Systems.
•    A dedicated network appliance providing maximum uptime and reliability.
    (Unlike server-based offerings that can be plagued with long reboot and set up times.)
The AG-3100 employs one fast Ethernet port to interface with the router (network side) and two fast Ethernet switch ports to interface with the aggregation equipment (subscriber side) within the HotSpot. The AG-3100 works with a centralized provisioning system to provide a problem free service to the end user, while providing a cost-effective solution that can enable a variety of billing models and interface to a provider’s infrastructure.

• Powered by the Nomadix Service Engine Core Software
and available Modules
• Cost-effective, reliable networking device for small to
medium sized venue deployments
• Transport agnostic, capable of supporting either wired
or wireless networks
• Supports up to 200 simultaneous users
• Supports a wide variety of billing models using credit cards, scratch cards or monthly subscriptions – then bill by time, volume or bandwidth
• Providers and HotSpot owners can generate revenues at every touchpoint with the user – before, during, and after the connectivity purchase as well as support roaming users
• Patented Dynamic Address Translation™ (DAT)
technology offers transparent network connectivity by
resolving IP configuration and browser proxy issues
• Enables HotSpot owners to offer a user-friendly service
while reducing provisioning and technical support costs
• Patent-pending iNAT™ functionality offers unmatched VPN support
• Session Rate Limiting (SRL) and MAC filtering capabilities significantly reduce the risks of Denial of Service (DoS) attacks protecting the very edge of the network
• Wholesale Roaming - NAI Routing
• Home Page Redirection intercepts the user’s browser
settings and directs them to a Web site for secure sign-up
or log-in
• Pre, Post and Goodbye redirection capabilities provide maximum branding flexibility for both providers and
HotSpot owners
• Allows access to a pre-determined “Walled Garden” area of the Internet prior to authentication while providing an additional layer of security in the network by blocking access
to the Internet until the user has been authenticated
• Gain incremental revenues from e-commerce sites, applications or content providers before the user purchases access
• Supports secure, browser-based authentication over SSL while simultaneously supporting IEEE 802.1x and Smart Clients
• Providers can support the widest range of authentication, wholesale and roaming options 
• Includes IPSec client for secure remote management and built-in Web Management Interface and CLI where various
levels of administration can be set along with extensive SNMP support

The AG-3100 is the perfect solution for providers deploying in the following HotSpot locations:

Service Stations

Truck Stops

Train Stations



Hospitality Module   
•     Regular or 2-Way Property Management Interface
•     Bill Mirror
Credit Card Module
•     Credit Card Interface    
•     Bill Mirror   
High-Availability Module
•     Fail-Over


Part No. Description 
29-8373-SS AG3100 Bundle - Gateway: with 1 year NSE software and premium Nomadix Support Service (Includes 200 users, credit card and QOS modules)
29-8331 AG 3100 50 User Upgrade (for units purchased prior to January 2009)
29-8333 AG 3100 Hospitality Module
29-8334 AG 3100 High-Availability Module
29-8374 1 Year NSE Software License with Premium Nomadix Support Service
29-8337 AG 3100 Premium Support Services, 1 yr. (for units purchased prior to January 2009)  
29-8335 Core NSE Software Upgrade for AG 3100 (voids perpetual license prior to 2009)
29-8092 Training Class on NSE software (Two - day course)


AG 5500 Gateways

The AG 5500 is a turnkey, high performance platform designed for large public access HotSpots and
municipal HotZones. The AG 5500 is transport agnostic and enables the deployment of wired, wireless
or hybrid networks supporting up to 2,000 simultaneous users.

The AG 5500 is the perfect solution for providers deploying in the following HotSpot locations:


Convention Centers


RV Parks


The AG 5500 runs the NSE Core and offers several NSE Module and User Count Upgrades so it can grow with your network.  Unlike competitive server-based offerings plagued with long reboot/set up times or Operating Systems that are susceptible to virus attacks, the AG 5500 is a dedicated network appliance.  Locate between the router and any type of aggregation equipment, the AG 5500 is transport agnostic, enabling the rapid rollout of high speed Internet access for up to 2,000 simultaneous users—regardless of whether the broadband network is wireless, DSL, cable, or Ethernet. 

The AG 5500 employs three fast Ethernet ports; one to interface to the router (network side) and two to the aggregation equipment (subscriber side).  It includes an RS232 (DB9) serial port used for connecting to a Property Management System (PMS) and for system management and administration.  The AG 5500 firmware architecture with its open and scalable approach has an XML interface allows you to configure it like a router or switch and can be managed and administered remotely from its Web management interface, an SNMP client, or a simple Telnet interface.  The AG 5500 has certified interoperability with dozens of access concentration devices and Property Management Systems (PMS) for integration into a hotel’s existing billing system.

Hospitality Module   
•     Regular or 2-Way Property Management Interface   
•     Bill Mirror
Credit Card Module
•     Credit Card Interface
•     Bill Mirror   
High-Availability Module
•     Fail-Over

Part No.  Description
29-8389-SS AG 5500 Hotspot Gateway with 1 year NSE software and premium Nomadix Support Service
(Includes 1000 users, credit card and QOS modules)
Nomadix AG 5500 Access Gateway
29-8381 AG-5500 User Count Upgrade of 1000 users (max. 2000 users upgrade) 
29-8331 AG 5500 250 User Upgrade (for units purchased prior to January 2009)
29-8348 AG-5500 User Hospitality Module 
29-8349 AG-5500 High-Availability Module 
29-8350 AG-5500 Routed Subscriber Module
29-8390 1 Year NSE Software License with Premium Nomadix Support Service
29-8353 AG 5500 Premium Support Services, 1 yr. (for units purchased prior to January 2009)  
29-8351 Core NSE Software Upgrade for AG 5500 (voids perpetual license prior to 2009)
29-8092 Training Class on NSE software (Two - day course)

Transparent Connectivity
•    Patented Dynamic Address Translation™ (DAT™) technology provides transparent and seamless broadband connectivity to any user at any location, without the need for configuration changes to the client computer or any resident client-side software.
•    Supports both PPTP and IPSec VPNs providing a secure,standards-based connection for the user and includes patent-pending iNATTM functionality for transparent VPN access by multiple guests from the same corporation.

VPN Support
•    Guests can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Client to establish a secure tunnel through Nomadix’ patented translation     technology back to their corporation for doing work while away from the office.
•    The AG 5500 Gateway features Nomadix’ patent-pending iNAT functionality that creates an intelligent mapping of IP Addresses and their associated VPN tunnels allowing multiple tunnels to be established to the same VPN server creating a seamless connection for all the users at the hotel. This allows several employees of the same corporation to simultaneously VPN back to their corporation.

Bill Mirroring
Multiple AG 5500's can send copies of credit card and PMS billing records to a number of external servers that have been previously defined by the system administrator. Additionally, if the primary and secondary servers are down, the AG 5500 can store up to 2,000 PMS or credit card transaction records.

Service Plan Options
The AG 5500 allows you to manage the bandwidth for subscribers, defined in Kbps (Kilobits per seconds) for both upstream and downstream data transmissions. Depending on the individual user's needs, they can increase or decrease their bandwidth by the minute, or on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.  Alternatively, the AG 5500 also allows you to sell premium plans to users wishing to obtain a public IP address.

HTTP Portal Page Redirection (PPR)
•    Portal Page Redirection intercepts the browser's home page request and replaces it with a destination URL designated by the establishment.   This allows anyone to access the network and be directed to a Web site to establish an account, select a service plan, or pay for services.
•    Home Page Redirection (HPR) allows the administrator to redirect the user after access has been purchased.

Information and Control Console (ICC)
•    The AG 5500 platform allows subscribers to self-select services and upgrade their bandwidth and billing options  –  all in  real-time through the product’s Information and Control Console.  The patent-pending ICC is a JAVA-based applet that runs on each subscriber’s computer without requiring any additional software installation.
•    The ICC also allows hotels to send custom messages and advertising directly to their guests and empowers them to upgrade their bandwidth in real-time.  For PMS and credit card accounts the ICC displays a dynamic “time” field to inform subscribers of the time remaining on their account.


VLAN Switch for Hotel Applications
• 24-Port 10/100Mbps TP interfaces
• 4-Port Gigabit TP/SFP combo interface

29-8256  24-PORT 10/100 + 4 port Gig VLAN Web/SNMP Management
29-8154  5-Port 10/100Base-TX Switch (Desktop) 
• Flow Control support in half-duplex mode
• Runt and CRC filtering
• 1K/2K MAC Address Table
• Auto-MDI/MDIX on each port
• High performance Store-and-Forward Switching Architecture



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