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National Wireless Supplier- Wireless Products-Welcome to American Tech Supply a national Wireless Supplier where we specialize in wireless equipment and national wireless rollouts for WISP's, CLEC's, Carriers, Municipalities, Hotels, Conference Centers, Dealers Contractors and national chains and franchises looking to offer wireless services to their customers and visitors. Our wireless solution range from wireless switching and transmission equipment to antennas, to outdoor cell site enclosures. We have wireless solutions for the local restaurant or Pizza chain to offer WIFI to customers on a lunch break with their laptops to offering substantial discount to national wireless rollouts to franchises and hotel chains. Our wireless solutions for major hotel chains range from lobby and pool WIFI services to entire campus solutions. For municipalities we offer large WIFI solutions to deliver wireless Internet access to shoppers to offering remote wireless carrier grade services to remote- Rural areas.

We carry the wireless equipment from many manufacturers- too many to list here so we ask if you do not see it listed here please call us at (866) 342-3721 and ask one of our national sales executives your wireless network questions.



Series I (Indoor)

EX-5i EX-2.4i EX-4.9i EX-5i-16 EX-2.4i-16 EX-5i-DS3

This all-indoor product family combines flexible high capacity interfaces in a carrier-class, high performance system with software-upgradeable Ethernet, T1/E1, and DS-3 capacities to satisfy any wireless backhaul application in the 2.4, 4.9, and 5 GHz bands. Ideal for upgrading legacy license-exempt links up to DS3 capacity or adding instant Ethernet capacity to legacy licensed microwave deployments.

Series R (Ruggedized)

EX-4.9r EX-4.9r-c EX-5r
EX-5r-c EX-5r-c-GigE EX-5r-GigE

This all-outdoor family of wireless Ethernet bridges are carrier-class products delivering up to 200Mbps of sustained user capacity and up to 4 low latency native T1/E1 ports in a software configurable, rugged system with high spectral efficiency, security, and unprecedented spectrum management flexibility. These systems are available with internally switched, dual polarized integral antenna (single for EX-4.9r) or type-N female connectors (EX-r-c) for flexible external antenna mounting. Upgradeable IP only versions are also available.

Series S (Licensed)

The EX-s Series split-mount wireless backhaul solutions from Exalt offer a wide variety of interfaces and capacities for frequency bands from 2 to 40 GHz.  The flexible IDU/ODU configuration features low latency native TDM and native IP transport and is fully software-configurable. The EX-s Series solutions are ideal for any application from mobile backhaul to pure enterprise or WISP high capacity data backhaul.

Lite Series
EX-2.4i Lite EX-5i Lite EX-5r Lite EX-5r-c Lite

Exalt Lite radios are carrier-class, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz TDD radio systems for low capacity TDM and Ethernet applications.  Lite radios are designed to offer budget-conscious organizations a true carrier-class alternative for light capacity Ethernet and TDM applications.  Lite products start in an Ethernet-only 27 Mbps configuration and are software upgradeable all the way up to 100 Mbps and 4xT1/E1.  The Lite products include all of the carrier-class features available in Exalt's higher capacity products, making them the best value in the segment.



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