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ATS carries Wilcom's entire product line of rack mount fiber enclosures and wall mount fiber optic enclsoures and rack mount fiber optic enclosures from 1WAC, 2 WAC, 3 WAC, 4 WAC, 1 RAC, 2 RAC, 3 RAC and 4 RAC. We also have a full selection of fiber optic adapters and fiber jumpers from 1 foot, 1 meter to 5,000 meters. We also call Wilcom's entire line of OTDRs and fiber optic test equipment including Wilcom Power Meters, Optic Power Meters, Fiber Test Equipment, OTDR's, Fusions Splicers adn more. We also carry Wilcom fiber optic umpers and fiber optic patch cords. Please see Wilcom's line of copper cable test equipment from tone generators,digital test set, circuit test set along with fiber optic fusion splicers. We offer Wilcom's world class fiber optic test Equipment, fiber optic passive and active components, DSL splitters at competitive pricing.

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Wilcom Fiber Optic Enclosures- Fiber Adapter- Fiber Adapter Panels

Wilcom 1 U Rack Mount Enclosure

1U rackmount can be loaded with up to 3 panels with 6 to 72 port capacity.

RAC-1X: Width = 17', Depth = 12', Height = 1.75'

Port Capacity: 6-72

Product Description
1U Fiber Patch Panel
Model Part Number Price Quantity
RAC-1X 30032475 $145.29

  • Fits 19-inch and 23-inch racks

  • 16-gauge steel with black powder finish coat.

  • Removable blackboard for easy access to terminated cables

  • Front and rear steel doors with 1/4 turn latches to allow easy access from both sides

  • Top lid removable at both front and rear

  • Strain-relief hardward and routing guides help maintain minimum bend radius

  • Cable management spools in the rear of the enclosure and cable management rings to the front for jumper management

  • Sliding tray for access to both front and rear

  • "D" shaped cutouts at front and rear for easy access of cable.

  • Available fully populated with adapters, pigtails and slice trays or unloaded.

  • Labeling kit, zip ties and installation screws included.

Wilcom 1 U Rack Mount Enclosure

Wilcom 2 U Rack Mount Enclosure

Wilcom 4 U Rack Mount Enclosure


Wilcom 1 U Wall Mount Enclosures

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Wilcom Fiber Optic Enclosures- Fiber Adapter- Fiber Adapter Panels


Can't Get It To work? Call Wilcom at (800) 222-1898 for immediate assistance Telecommunications Test Equipment

Noise and transmission problems are constant battles in the best of worlds. With emerging technologies like IP-video over DSL delivered to the customer over existing copper pairs, it's more vital than ever for telephone companies to test and maintain their outside copper plants. Wilcom designs and manufactures a full line of copper loop test equipment, including subscriber loop test sets, a cable shield test set, digital signal probes, artificial test lines and more.


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