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    DIGITAL VIDEO APPLICATIONS- School Security-Airport Security

    Vanguard Managed Solutions- Vanguard Routers


    American Tech Supply carries Vanguard's proven technology router and multi-service router products that can help you build the foundation of a new network — or integrate converged video, voice and data technologies into your existing network. That's because we engineer extraordinary functionality into all of our products. Our technologies can seamlessly incorporate your legacy protocols — and scale easily to handle emerging applications.

    School Solutions
    Secure Communications for School and Public Safet

    The violence that has taken place in public schools and the workplace over the last few years has grasped the full attention of the media and the public. School administrators, police officials, and security managers are aware that new security measures protecting citizens in public buildings must be put in place. While no security system can stop a violent incident from happening, Vanguard Managed Solutions (VanguardMS) can deliver an integrated end-to-end solution that can assist officials in managing these situations

    VanguardMS Public Safety RemoteVU™ Guardian Solution
    At VanguardMS, we've been a leader in servicing the school, local government and public safety markets for decades. Whether you need to improve network communications between local agencies and public schools or improve network capabilities to support video surveillance, VanguardMS has a solution for you.

    By combining best in class wireless and wireline technologies, VanguardMS offers a complete digital video RemoteVU Guardian solution. An innovative solution that provides instant communications between officials and public or private buildings in the event of an emergency. A solution that reduces emergency response times and ultimately protects official, administrators and citizens when making emergency building entrances And, a solution that enables teachers and school administrators to utilize the scalability within the system to interact and protect students and staff, anytime. Why settle for anything less?

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