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    DIGITAL VIDEO APPLICATIONS- School-Airport Security

    Vanguard Managed Solutions- Vanguard Routers

    American Tech Supply carries Vanguard's proven technology router and multi-service router products that can help you build the foundation of a new network — or integrate converged video, voice and data technologies into your existing network. That's because we engineer extraordinary functionality into all of our products. Our technologies can seamlessly incorporate your legacy protocols — and scale easily to handle emerging applications.

    Airport Parking Lot Solutions
    Be there, when you’re not there

    Airport parking lots tend to be in the immediate vicinity of the central security station and can be easily monitored via a CCTV system and require very little interaction with the security forces stationed there. However, many of the parking facilities and remote operations at airports today can be as much as 4-5 miles away from the airport and require multiple daily patrols, tying up resources that can be used elsewhere.

    VanguardMS Virtual Interaction Solution
    Vanguard Managed Solutions (VanguardMS) provides an interactive security and communication system in which security personnel can respond in real-time to potential car thefts and breaches of security with “Virtual Interaction”. The VanguardMS’ Virtual Interaction (V-I) Airport Parking Lot solution allows security personnel to be “on-site” via a network connection rather than physically being at the scene. By integrating the best in hardware and software into traditional security systems and offering complete network management from our Network Operations Center (NOC) VanguardMS can help interrupt and deter potential situations. Let VanguardMS help you provide secure, reliable security solutions today.

    Application Design Sample

    10 Remote Sites
    Speaker phone voice over the network
    Ring Down Phones for customer service over the network
    Digital Video transmission and recording at each location to a central site
    Central Location command and control of all remote locations
    Fully Managed 24X7


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