CXR-AJ  offers additional connectivity of legacy serial communication devices to the IP-world running on your Ethernet networks with the TS-324 and TS-1124 Terminal Server/Port Server family. The TS-324 offers three RS-232 serial ports while the TS-1124 offers eleven ports.
Technical Information
TS-324/1124 Datasheet
The TS-324 server is a compact and cost effective solution to integrate any equipment with an asynchronous interface into the Ethernet 10Base-T network. For industrial applications, the TS-x24-MC is equipped with an internal 48 VDC converter. In addityion to the desktop models these servers can also be mounted in a 19 inch bay with the optional Rack Mount kit.

The TS-324 is an efficient and cost effective solution for the migration to the IP network of asynchronous links such as analog lease lines, public switch links, point to point RS-232 connections, multipoint connection though multiplexers, etc.

The TS-1124 version is specifically made for concentrating low speed industrial applications (11x RS232 ports).
The RS-232 ports of the TS-x24 can connect any kind of asynchronous equipment such as modems, fax, alarm systems, VT100 terminals, payment terminals, point of sale terminals, industrial machines, etc.