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Transition cable - Transition Cable
transition cable
Transition Cable is a factory processed filled cable that is pre-cut to custom lengths thus eliminating time consuming on-site preparation and installation. It includes a factory installed pneumatic cable "block" on one end of various cable types of 22, 24 and 26 gauge in 25 through 3000 pair sizes. The cable block prevents air and/or filling material leakage at the termination point. Beyond the block approximately six feet of cable jacket and sheath are removed and all conductors are factory cleaned of all filling compound for subsequent field termination. Additionally, we offer the option of factory-installed connector modules. (i.e. 3M MS2 or AT&T 710).

Stub Cable - Stub Cable is factory process filled cable that is cut to customer specified lengths eliminating time-consuming cable preparation at the customer job site. The Stub Cable features a factory installed pneumatic cable "block" on one end of the cable (a variety of cable types are available; 22, 24, 26 gauge cable with pair counts from 50 to 1800 pair sizes). The cable block prevents air and/or filling compound leakage from pressurized cable plant to non-pressurized cable plant. The cable block is typically located 120 inches from one end of the cable and is sealed using state of the art blocking compounds. The cable block is small in diameter relative to the cable diameter to minimize obstructions and clearances from adjacent cable plant.


  • Eliminates on-site cleaning compound required for building plugs in the fieldPrevents leakage of air or filling compound provides connections between pressurized and non-pressurized cable plantPlug made in factory controlled environment process
  • Eliminates long cure time of plug during cold weather

Part Numbers: Please Note after the part number-ATSPE89 for PE 89 cable or ATSPE39 for PE 39 cables is the "number of copper cables"

PE 89 Cables : ATSPE89-50 (number of cables 50 pair- 1200, etc)

PE 39 Cables : ATSPE39-50-1200 pair


  • Eliminates on-site plugging or damming of filled cable at the termination end in order to prevent subsequent air and/or cable filling material leakage
  • Eliminates on-site cleaning of cable filling compound from wires prior to required termination and the use of hazardous cleaning chemicals in the field Provides filled cable to the actual point of termination, eliminating potential water intrusion into filled cable Longer length Transition Cable allows running filled cable completely to the termination point from the nearest existing splice case
  • Eliminates need to order closures or cross-connect boxes with pre-assembled cable stubs
CD-2000 Buried Service Wire Splice
buried wire splice
The CD-2000 Buried Service Wire Splice provides an easy way to splice, repair or extend two to six-pair buried serivce wire. The kit includes a clear thermoplastic housing, strain relief, universal bond and a two-part encapsulant that provides a weathertight seal from all environmental hazards. The CD-2000 can be used in a Butt, In-Line or Branch configuration. The CD-2000 features the industries best performance in a universal splice closure. The AFL Telecommunications' CD-2000 meets or exceeds all of the TecordiaT GR-251 specifications.

  • Butt, in-Line or branch splice configurations
  • Two to six-pair buried service compatible
  • Clear closure provides visual conformation of encapsulation
  • Easy-to-pour bi-pac encapsulant bag with built-in spout
  • Unit can be completely assembled, encapsulated and immediately buried
  • Meets or exceeds Telcordia

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