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TLC Micro-Distribution cable combines high fiber counts with a compact, space saving design. 2 to 12 colored bare fibers with aramid yarn are positioned in a 3 mm jacket. 6 tubes of 12 fibers are combined to make up to 72 fibers. Each subunit is numbered for ease of installation with riser and plenum rated construction available. TLC's Fanout Kits are a perfect match with Micro-Distribution.
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Features Applications
  • 250mm colored bare fibers
  • Small o.d. for tight spaces
  • UL1666(Riser) and NFPA262(Plenum)
  • Riser and plenum constructions
  • Available in all fiber types
  • Meets the application requirement of National Electric Code (NEC) Article 770 and are OFNP and OFNR listed
  • Data centers
  • Ready for MTP connectors
  • High density Installations
  • Ready to ribbonize

Singlemode OS2

Partnumber Fiber Count# Spec Sheets Quantity Units
S09MD02CNPY 2 Specs Meters
S09MD06CNPY 6 Specs Meters
S09MD12CNPY 12 Specs Meters
S09MD24CNPY2T-Y 24 Specs Meters
S09MD36CNPY3T-Y 36 Specs Meters
S09MD48CNPY4T-Y 48 Specs Meters
S09MD72CNPY6T-Y 72 Specs Meters
Partnumber Fiber Count# Spec Sheets Quantity Units
S09MD02CNRY 2 Specs Meters
S09MD06CNRY 6 Specs Meters
S09MD12CNRY 12 Specs Meters
S09MD24CNRY2T-Y 24 Specs Meters
S09MD36CNRY3T-Y 36 Specs Meters
S09MD48CNRY4T-Y 48 Specs Meters
S09MD72CNRY6T-Y 72 Specs Meters


Partnumber Fiber Count# Spec Sheets Quantity Units
M50MD02C2NPO 2 Specs Meters
M50MD06C2NPO 6 Specs Meters
M50MD12C2NPO 12 Specs Meters
M50MD24C2NPO2T-O 24 Specs Meters
M50MD36C2NPO3T-O 36 Specs Meters
M50MD48C2NPO4T-O 48 Specs Meters
M50MD72C2NPO6T-O 72 Specs Meters
Partnumber Fiber Count# Spec Sheets Quantity Units
M50MD02C2NRO 2 Specs Meters
M50MD06C2NRO 6 Specs Meters
M50MD12C2NRO 12 Specs Meters
M50MD24C2NRO2T-O 24 Specs Meters
M50MD36C2NRO3T-O 36 Specs Meters
M50MD48C2NRO4T-O 48 Specs Meters
M50MD72C2NRO6T-O 72 Specs Meters


Partnumber Fiber Count# Spec Sheets Quantity Units
M50MD02CGNPA 2 Specs Meters
M50MD06CGNPA 6 Specs Meters
M50MD12CGNPA 12 Specs Meters
M50MD24CGNPA2T-A 24 Specs Meters
M50MD36CGNPA3T-A 36 Specs Meters
M50MD48CGNPA4T-A 48 Specs Meters
M50MD72CGNPA6T-A 72 Specs Meters
Partnumber Fiber Count# Spec Sheets Quantity Units
M50MD02CGNRA 2 Specs Meters
M50MD06CGNRA 6 Specs Meters
M50MD12CGNRA 12 Specs Meters
M50MD24CGNRA2T-A 24 Specs Meters
M50MD36CGNRA3T-A 36 Specs Meters
M50MD48CGNRA4T-A 48 Specs Meters
M50MD72CGNRA6T-A 72 Specs Meters


Partnumber Fiber Count# Spec Sheets Quantity Units
M50MD02C4NPA 2 Specs Meters
M50MD06C4NPA 6 Specs Meters
M50MD12C4NPA 12 Specs Meters
M50MD24C4NPA2T-A 24 Specs Meters
M50MD36C4NPA3T-A 36 Specs Meters
M50MD48C4NPA4T-A 48 Specs Meters
M50MD72C4NPA6T-A 72 Specs Meters
Partnumber Fiber Count# Spec Sheets Quantity Units
M50MD02C4NRA 2 Specs Meters
M50MD06C4NRA 6 Specs Meters
M50MD12C4NRA 12 Specs Meters
M50MD24C4NRA2T-A 24 Specs Meters
M50MD36C4NRA3T-A 36 Specs Meters
M50MD48C4NRA4T-A 48 Specs Meters
M50MD72C4NRA6T-A 72 Specs Meters




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