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A UV resistant jacket and available OFNR or OFNP constructions allow TLC indoor/outdoor cables to be used for general outdoor application while having the flexibility for indoor deployment without fire code constraints. Constructions consist of 900?m color coded tight buffers
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Features Applications
  • 900μm Tight Buffers.
  • Water blocking aramid yarn strength members.
  • UV resistant jacket, OFNR and OFNP listed construction
  • Exclusive use of Corning? optical fibers.
  • Jacket print ensures product identification and fiber compatibility.
  • Buffers strip consistently between 3.5 - 5 lbs-f, helpful for onsite termination
  • Durable jacket offers added protection during installation and in rugged use applications.
  • General outdoor use
  • General indoor use
  • Between buildings
  • Underground in a conduit
  • Duct
  • General Purpose
  • Riser
  • Plenum


Partnumber Fiber Count# Spec Sheets Quantity Units
S09IO02CNPBL 2 Specs Meters
S09IO04CNPBL 4 Specs Meters
S09IO06CNPBL 6 Specs Meters
S09IO08CNPBL 8 Specs Meters
S09IO12CNPBL 12 Specs Meters
S09IO24CNPBL 24 Specs Meters
S09IO48CNPBL 48 Specs Meters
Partnumber Fiber Count# Spec Sheets Quantity Units
S09IO02CNRBL 2 Specs Meters
S09IO04CNRBL 4 Specs Meters
S09IO06CNRBL 6 Specs Meters
S09IO08CNRBL 8 Specs Meters
S09IO12CNRBL 12 Specs Meters
S09IO24CNRBL 24 Specs Meters
S09IO48CNRBL 48 Specs Meters


Partnumber Fiber Count# Spec Sheets Quantity Units
M62IO02C3NPBL 2 Specs Meters
M62IO04C3NPBL 4 Specs Meters
M62IO06C3NPBL 6 Specs Meters
M62IO08C3NPBL 8 Specs Meters
M62IO12C3NPBL 12 Specs Meters
M62IO24C3NPBL 24 Specs Meters
M62IO48C3NPBL 48 Specs Meters
Partnumber Fiber Count# Spec Sheets Quantity Units
M62IO02C3NRBL 2 Specs Meters
M62IO04C3NRBL 4 Specs Meters
M62IO06C3NRBL 6 Specs Meters
M62IO08C3NRBL 8 Specs Meters
M62IO12C3NRBL 12 Specs Meters
M62IO24C3NRBL 24 Specs Meters
M62IO48C3NRBL 48 Specs Meters


Partnumber Fiber Count# Spec Sheets Quantity Units
M50IO02C2NPBL 2 Specs Meters
M50IO04C2NPBL 4 Specs Meters
M50IO06C2NPBL 6 Specs Meters
M50IO08C2NPBL 8 Specs Meters
M50IO12C2NPBL 12 Specs Meters
M50IO24C2NPBL 24 Specs Meters
M50IO48C2NPBL 48 Specs Meters
Partnumber Fiber Count# Spec Sheets Quantity Units
M50IO02C2NRBL 2 Specs Meters
M50IO04C2NRBL 4 Specs Meters
M50IO06C2NRBL 6 Specs Meters
M50IO08C2NRBL 8 Specs Meters
M50IO12C2NRBL 12 Specs Meters
M50IO24C2NRBL 24 Specs Meters
M50IO48C2NRBL 48 Specs Meters


Partnumber Fiber Count# Spec Sheets Quantity Units
M50IO02CGNPBL 2 Specs Meters
M50IO04CGNPBL 4 Specs Meters
M50IO06CGNPBL 6 Specs Meters
M50IO08CGNPBL 8 Specs Meters
M50IO12CGNPBL 12 Specs Meters
M50IO24CGNPBL 24 Specs Meters
M50IO48CGNPBL 48 Specs Meters
Partnumber Fiber Count# Spec Sheets Quantity Units
M50IO02CGNRBL 2 Specs Meters
M50IO04CGNRBL 4 Specs Meters
M50IO06CGNRBL 6 Specs Meters
M50IO08CGNRBL 8 Specs Meters
M50IO12CGNRBL 12 Specs Meters
M50IO24CGNRBL 24 Specs Meters
M50IO48CGNRBL 48 Specs Meters




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