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Furcation Tubing

The TLC 2mm, 3mm & 3.8mm furcation tubing consist of an inner tube surrounded by aramid yarn and an overall PVC jacket. The new and improved inner tubes offer better bend ability and kink resistance when terminating and operating. Inner tubes are available in specific sizes to accept either bare or buffered fibers. TLC's 900 micron furcation tubing is a single tube designed specifically for the protection and termination of 250um bare fiber. 12 standard colors in Hytrel? as well as clear PVC are available.
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Features Applications
  • Accepts either bare fiber or tight buffer
  • Provides durable protection when breaking out cables
  • Newly engineered inner tube protects against crushing and kinking
  • Designed for all connector types
  • 12 standard colors
  • Also available with pull string for 2mm and 3mm furcation tubing
  • Building up or breaking out of cables for termination
  • Protection of bare fiber or tight buffer
  • Color coded for easy identification
  • Ideal for adding protection and strength to 250um fibers and 900um tight buffers for direct termination to connectors

Furcation Tubing - Cable Style

Partnumber Fiber Count# Spec Sheets Quantity Units
F00FR2NU’x’ Specs Meters
F00FR3NU’x’ Specs Meters
F00FDX3NU’x’ Specs Meters
F00FR2NU’x’900 Specs Meters
F00FR3NU’x’900 Specs Meters
F00FDX2NR’x’’ Specs Meters
F00FR38NU’x’ Specs Meters

Furcation Tubing -Single Tube

Partnumber Fiber Count# Spec Sheets Quantity Units
F00FR18RN Available Upon Request Meters
F00FR900H’x’ Available Upon Request Meters




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