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Simplex and Duplex Cord
Distribution Cable 900um Tight Buffered
Non-Armor Central Loose Tube Cable
Non-Armor Multi Loose Tube Cable
Armor Central Loose Tube Cable
Armor Multi Loose Tube Cable
Ribbon Cable Multi Loose Tube
Ribbon Cable Armor Central Loose Tube
Ribbon Cable Armor Multi Loose Tube
Double Jacket Armor Cable
Aerial Cable Max Span 100m
Aerial Cable Max Span 200m
Aerial Cable Max Span 400m
FTTH Drop Cable - Indoor
FTTH Drop Cable- Outdoor

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Dielectric Flat Drop Cable

TLC Flat Drop Cable offers a compact durable cable in an easily accessible construction suitable for FTT "x" application. available in 1 to 12 fibers, fiberglass strength members are surrounded by a Polyethylene jacket, allows flat drop cable to have enhanced crush resistance and tensile strength. TLC offers Flat Drop Cable in dielectric and tonable constructions.
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Features Applications
  • Gel Free Construction
  • Makes the cable lighter and requires no clean up during termination
  • High Crush Resistance
  • Assures signal integrity even in rugged environments.
  • All Dielectric Construction
  • No grounding required
  • FTT "X"
  • Aerial

Singlemode OS2

Partnumber Fiber Count# Spec Sheets Quantity Units
S09FD01CPEBL 1 Specs Meters
S09FD02CPEBL 2 Specs Meters
S09FD04CPEBL 4 Specs Meters
S09FD06CPEBL 6 Specs Meters
S09FD08CPEBL 8 Specs Meters
S09FD12CPEBL 12 Specs Meters

Singlemode OS2 Bend Insensitive

Partnumber Fiber Count# Spec Sheets Quantity Units
S09FD01CBPEBL 1 Specs Meters
S09FD02CBPEBL 2 Specs Meters
S09FD04CBPEBL 4 Specs Meters
S09FD06CBPEBL 6 Specs Meters
S09FD08CBPEBL 8 Specs Meters
S09FD12CBPEBL 12 Specs Meters




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