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Simplex and Duplex Cord
Distribution Cable 900um Tight Buffered
Non-Armor Central Loose Tube Cable
Non-Armor Multi Loose Tube Cable
Armor Central Loose Tube Cable
Armor Multi Loose Tube Cable
Ribbon Cable Multi Loose Tube
Ribbon Cable Armor Central Loose Tube
Ribbon Cable Armor Multi Loose Tube
Double Jacket Armor Cable
Aerial Cable Max Span 100m
Aerial Cable Max Span 200m
Aerial Cable Max Span 400m
FTTH Drop Cable - Indoor
FTTH Drop Cable- Outdoor

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10 Gigabit Fibers

TLC 10 Gigabit Cables are designed with Corning? InfiniCor? laser-optimizedT optical fibers. These fibers are guaranteed for transmission distances in 10 gigabit ethernet of up to 550 meters in compliant systems (IEEE 802.3ae) and can operate at significantly greater distances at slower protocols. TLC offers InfiniCor? fiber in all standard configurations including 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, and 3.0mm Simplex and Duplex jackets, Distribution Cable, Indoor/Outdoor Cable, Ribbon Cable, and all other special constructions.
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50/125 MULTIMODE Fiber

Partnumber Fiber Count# Spec Sheets Quantity Units
INFINICOR E-SX+ Available Upon Request Meters
INFINICORSX+550 Available Upon Request Meters
INFINICORSXI Available Upon Request Meters
INFINICOR600 Available Upon Request Meters

62.5/125MULTIMODE Fiber

Partnumber Fiber Count# Spec Sheets Quantity Units
CL1000INFINICOR Available Upon Request Meters
INFINICOR300 Available Upon Request Meters




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