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Layer 2 Enterprise Switch-Layer 2 10/100/1000 Ethernet SNMP Managed Switch- Edge Switch-Data Center Switches

Enterprise 24 10/100BaseTX plus 4 shared Gigabit Ethernet uplinks,
SNMP managed and stackable switch

Telco Systems’ TE24, New Generation Layer 2 10/100/1000 Ethernet SNMP-managed and stackable switch is designed to meet to rapidly growing demands, such as better QoS and enhanced security from the network edge as it becomes more intelligent networking layer.
The switch has 24 10/100BaseTX Fast Ethernet ports and 4 Gigabit Ethernet, shared, ports.
Shared Gigabit Ethernet ports include 2 10/100/1000BaseT ports as well as 2 unpopulated
miniGBIC (SFP) ports that are used for uplink purposes.

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The TE24 supports stacking features that allow managing up to 8 switches as one unit,
with a single IP address. The stacking provides the operator with scalability option, for adding switches into the stack when the ports requirements arise. The stacking features helps
dramatically in the maintenance and control procedure as the complete stack, regardless
for the switches number, is treated as a single entity.

When more ports are needed, just add another TE24 to the stack and the switches-group
will look and feel like they are one. Furthermore, plug-in optical transceivers grant any-optics-type flexibility with any standard SFP in the market use. Telco Systems optical transceivers variety includes SX, LX, ZX, TX, CWDM and Bi-Directional miniGBIC types.

The bountiful access avenues, via Web or CLI Tel net, afford network managers simple and
adequate means to implement network policy. T-Enterprise switches provide a console port
for the administrators to configure, monitor or manage the network easily and efficiently.

The T-Enterprise series is targeted at the Edge arena, providing aggregation services over
Gigabit Ethernet uplinks for SME (small-to-medium enterprise) operations. The Edge arena,
also called wiring-closet (when connected in groups), is the end-customer closest networking
layer, the Metro Access layer. The T-Enterprise switches helps to connect the access
layer directly to CPE (customer premises equipment) devices such as PCs, WLAN devices,
IP Telephony devices or other CPE types, and to provide an intelligence Layer 2 switching
capability for the services carried out by the CPE devices. The T-Enterprise functionality is
crucial to reduce the burden form the backbone layer as T-Enterprise family performs even
the most complicated tasks of the service provider.

Benefits & Features

24 10/100BaseTX plus 4 Gigabit Ethernet Enterprise Managed Switch
Targeted at Edge applications for SMEs
Stacking support (Single-IP management) for up to 8 units
4 Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports (shared) with maximal flexibility in choosing between:
• 2 ports 10/100/1000BaseT
• 2 ports unpopulated miniGBICs (SFP)
Maximal flexibility with plug-in, hot-swap optical transceivers for SX, LX, ZX, CWDM and Bi-
Directional miniGBIC types
Advanced QoS and Rate Limiting capabilities
Wire-speed performance with 8.8Gbps non-blocking switch fabric
Forwarding rate of 6.6MPPS
Multicast support with IGMP Snooping
10K MAC addresses entries
Complete Management options with:
• SNMPv1/v2C/v3*
• Telnet CLI
• Web-based management
• On-board console port
Advanced features list including
• 802.1w RSTP on each port
• 802.1x port authentication
• 802.3ad and LACP support
• per-port port mirroring
• 64 static VLANs
• Broadcast Storm Control
Extremely low power consumption with only 21W!
FCC and CE certified


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