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Telco Systems - TDM – Multiplexers – SONET - Multi-service IAD - E/O Converters - Access60 - T1/E1 Integrated Access

TDM » Multi-service IAD

Many service providers rely on SONET fiber networks to satisfy their customers' demand for greater speed, superior quality of service (QOS) and lower transport costs. To realize the advantages of SONET, however, you need access solutions at the network edge that enable easy, cost-effective, reliable delivery of T1 tariffed services.

Telco Systems' TDM product family enables service providers to more efficiently deliver T1 services from their core transport systems and deliver voice and data over the last-mile. The wide range of product families includes distribution hubs, multiplexers, digital cross connects, multi service IADs, E/O converters and transport terminals. The family includes an optical SONET edge solution that allows service providers to deliver traditional T1, T3, and Ethernet services over an OC-3 fiber feed via virtual concatenation (VC), without the wasted bandwidth found with traditional Packet over SONET (PoS) offerings.


Multi-service IAD
E/O Converters


T1/E1 Integrated Access


The Access60 T1/E1 integrated access device (IAD) from Telco Systems® is specifically designed to help service providers deploy a full range
of services – such as Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), fractional T1, legacy data applications and Frame Relay services. This IAD supports the transport of voice, data, image and video, and offers an inexpensive, modular migration path to emerging technologies, applications and carrier services.
The Access60 provides capacity for up to ten T1 or eight E1 trunks and up to 120 POTS lines. This IAD device offers 12 user application module slots
and redundant AC or DC power as well as redundant configuration, management and maintenance (CMM) module support.
Abundant Applications The Access60 is configurable in a variety of ways, from a simple primary multiplexer for drop-and-insert functionality to sophisticated digital cross-connects for concentration and grooming. POTS, E&M, FXS and FXO voice application modules support • the connection of telephones and private branch exchanges (PBX) to a central office • a PBX to another PBX using tie lines • extensions for telephones in remote points
of presence (POPs) or branch offices • modem or fax access Other modules support remote P-phones and PBX extensions from Nortel DMS-100™ switches and PBXs. The Access60 supports access to Frame Relay and X.25 services which smoothes the migration from X.25 to Frame Relay.
Redundant Architecture The Access60 uses a distributed architecture design that removes the inherent limitations of centralized architectures, providing a scalable system with no single point of failure. Reliability is enhanced through route diversity, protection switching and system redundancy. Users can choose the level of network availability required for their application through various redundancy options. In the Access60, network service module redundancy (1:N) and power supply redundancy (1:1) protect against hardware failures. The 1:N T1/E1 facility redundancy protects against network failures. The Access60 can switch traffic to an alternate facility in the event of a link failure, with priority bumping to improve the cost-effectiveness of redundant, point-to-point configurations. System and Network Management The Access60 supports two management options: ASCII VT100 terminal and SNMP which are accessible by a front panel serial port, internal modem connection or optional Ethernet interface. SNMP provides alarms and access to configuration and
text parameters for remote network management. In addition, utilities such as TELNET, the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) and the flash memory
card assist in the ease of software and configuration .

 Scalable up to 120 DS0 (64 kbps) channels
 Digital cross-connect up to 10 T1s, 20 fractional T1s, 8
E1s, or 16 fractional E1s
 Automated facility backup and restoral
 Meets ITU and North American standards
 Slots 16 (12 available)
 Voice Ports per Chassis 120
 Distributed Architecture Yes
 Protection 1:1 Power;
1:1 T1/E1
1:N T1/E1
T1/E1 Interfaces
 10 Ports per Chassis, Single T1, Single E1, Dual T1, Dual
E1, TR-08
Analog Voice Interfaces
 2/4-wire E&M/TO: 6 port
 2-wire FXS/PLAR/FXSDN: 6, 12 port
with Battery Reversal: 12 port
 2-wire FXO/MRD/DPT: 6 port
 P-Phone: 6 port
Data Interfaces
 Synch Subrate Digital Multiplexer: 2, 5 port
 Office Channel Unit (OCUDP): 2, 5 port
 Digital Signal Zero (DS0-DP) 5 port
 Universal Synchronous Data: 2, 4 port
 Async Subrate module (ADM) 6 port
 Voice and Data over Multi-T1/E1
 T1 or E1 Cross-Connects
 Utilities/Wireless Backhau
 Embedded SNMP
 ASCII Terminal
 Telnet
 Flash Memory
 Remote Alarm Reporting,
 Built-in Modem
 Dimensions 8.75” x 17.5” x 12”
22.2cm x 44.5cm x 30.5cm (HxWxD)
 Power Supply -48 Vdc, w/RG, 110/220 Vac w/ RG
 Operating Temp 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
 Relative Humidity Up to 90%, non-condensing

Ordering Information
Part Number Description
M6000-04-3 Access60 5RU Chassis (includes 621-0014 rackmount kit)
M6001-01 Blank Flash Memory Card, PCMCIA Type I, 1 MB (128 x 8 segments), 200 ns
M6001-05 Flash Memory Card, PCMCIA Type I, 2 MB (256 x 8 segments), 200 ns
M6013-20-3 T1 Dual LIU/DSX w/Cross-connect
M6013-20-3P T1 Dual LIU/DSX w/Cross-connect (includes 820-DS12-P2-036 net. Int. Cbl)
M6013-21-3 T1 Dual LIU with Integral CSU and Cross-Connect
M6013-21-3P T1 Dual LIU with Integral CSU and Cross-Connect (inc 820-DS12-P2-036 Net Int Cbl)
M6015-22-3 Dual E1 LIU
M6024-00-3 Access60 5RU CMM for M6000-04-3 Chassis
M6025-10-4 5RU Access 60 CMM w/Ethernet Port (10BT Rear Port)
M6025-10-4P Access60 5RU CMM w/10-BaseT Ethernet for M6000-04-3 & M6000-0-3 Chassis
M6041-60-3 6-Port 2- or 4-Wire E&M/TO with Extended Range
M6043-C1-2 12-Port FXS/BR/DPO
M6045-60-2 Six-Port 2-Wire FXO/MRD/DPT
M6045-6A-2 Six-Port 2-Wire FXO/MRD/DPT w/BT3 impedance
M6057-60-2 6-Port P-Phone Voice Application Module
M6070-50-2 5-port DSO-DP
M6071-50-2 5-port Synchronous Subrate Digital Multiplexer (SRDM)
M6073-60-2 6-port Subrate Asynchronous Digital Multiplexer (ADM)
M6074-50-3 Five-Port Office Channel Unit - Data Port (OCU-DP) (TR Std)
M6077-40-2 Four-port Universal Synchronous Data (USD) Module
M6077-40-2P Four-port Univ. Synchronous Data (USD) Module w/Adapters
M6096-15-4 110-265 Vac, 50/60 Hz PSU/RG for 5RU Chassis