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T1/E1 Switches-Telco Edgelink 810 switch, 4 Port T1 Digital Cross Connect Switch, 4 Port E1 Digital cross Connect Switch-T1 E1 Integrated Switches

American Tech Supply carries the 4 Port T1 Compact Digital Cross-Connect Switch from Telco Systems. The 4 Port E1 Digital cross connect switch from Telco Systems reduces T1 line costs by 50% or more. Telco Systems’EdgeLink 410, a compact 4-port T1 or E1 digital cross-connect switch, is ideally suited to a variety of network applications. Any time-slot can be mapped to any other time-slot for fully non-blocked circuit routing.

Compact T1/E1 Access Platform


Integrate T1/E1, V.35/RS422 access into a single compact unit! EdgeLink810 is an intelligent highspeed platform that integrates digital cross-connect switching and data port access into a compact package. Engineered for high reliability and wide operating temperature range, the EdgeLink810 is ideal for edge-ofnetwork grooming and backhaul, especially in environmentally harsh conditions. The unit occupies only one rack mounting space, which in combination with front access to all field connections, makes EdgeLink810 suitable for the smallest cell site and base station installations. EdgeLink810 is the smallest 8 port cross connect available.
Wireless network operators, Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) and carriers can deploy EdgeLink810 in a variety of applications. These include wireless base station backhaul, E911 services, subscriber location and public network interconnection over T1/E1 or highspeed data circuits. EdgeLink810 can also be used to protect T1/E1 lines for disaster recovery and alternate path solutions.
EdgeLink810 supports all transport systems and can be directly connected to leased T1/E1 lines using built-in CSU’s. Compact Size = Flexibility Two module slots provide support for 8 x T1 or E1 cross-connect switching or combinations of T1/E1 cross-connect switching and data port terminations

T8 T1/E1 ports in 1 rack space-Integrated T1 CSU’s-Combined digital cross-connect and data multiplexer-Front access to all field connections-Temperature hardened-Reduces T1/E1 costs by 50% or more-Optimizes T1/E1 backhaul networks-Saves valuable equipment space-Saves cost of external CSU’sHelps maintain high quality of service and satisfied customers

Specifications Below:

T1 Interface
Line Rate: 1.544 Mbps, +/- 30 ppm
Line Code: AMI/B8ZS
Framing: D4, ESF, per TR54016 and TR62411
Equalization: DSX-1, CSU line build out A,B,C
Line Impedance: 110 ohm, balanced
Synchronization: Internal, or external from any T1 port
Performance Monitoring: ANSI T1.403, last 24 hours of data in
15 minute intervals
Monitors all network ports
LED Alarm Indicators: Red (T1 Major Alarm), Yellow (T1 Minor Alarm)
Alarm Contacts: Dry Form C, Major/Minor
Connectors: RJ48C
Loopback: Local and remote per T1 port generates and
responds to Loop-Up and Loop-Down commands as defined in T1.403
Regulatory: FCC Part 15, Class B
FCC Part 68
UL 1950, CSA
E1 Interface
Line Rate: 2.048 Mbps, +/- 50 ppm
Line Code: HDB3
Framing: ITU G.704
Equalization: up to 6 dB cable loss
Line Impedance: 75 ohm, unbalanced or 120 ohm, balanced
Synchronization: Internal, or external from any E1 port
Performance Monitoring: ITU G.821
LED Alarm Indicators: Red (E1 Prompt Alarm), Yellow (E1 Service Alarm)
Alarm Contacts: Dry Form C, Prompt/ Service
Connectors: BNC (75 ohm), RJ45 (120 ohm)
Loopback: Local and remote per E1 port
Regulatory: BAPT 221 ZV MU9, IEC 950
EN41003, EN5022 Class B,
EN50082-1, EN5082-2, EN60950
CTR 12/13, NTR 4
Data Ports
Data Rate: Nx56/64 Kbps, N = 1 to 24 or 1 to 30 channels
Interface: DCE synchronous
V.35, RS449 and RS530 interfaces provided

Connectors: DB37, with cables providing Winchester
37 pin (V.35), DB25 (RS530), DB37

System Management
Embedded SNMP Management
Local Craft VT-100/ANSI Terminal (Menu-driven)
Office Alarms (Major, Minor)
Cross Connection
Routing Tables: 4 routing tables (1 active, 3 backup)

Protection Switching: Upon T1/E1 alarm conditions, time-ofday
or manual intervention

Power Requirements

DC Power Input: +/- 20 to +/- 60 VDC
Power Consumption: 10 watts

Operating temperature: -20° to +70° C
Humidity: to 95% non-condensing

Height: 1.75 in. / 4.45cm

Width: 17 in. / 43.2 cm
Depth: 12.75 in. / 32.4 cm
Mounting: 19 inch or 23/24 inch equipment rack
LAN Interface: 10BaseT port, PPP port
VT100: RS232 port, 9600 bps, RJ12 connector
Remote Access: Via multipoint management channel (64 Kbps for SNMP,
9600 bps for VT100)
Management channel echoed on all T1

Multi Service Access
Channel Banks
T1/E1 Electrical-to-Optical Converters
Frame Relay
Integrated Access
Mini DCS
Battery Backup

Access60/Access45-T1/E1 Integrated Access

DCB-24-The DCB-24 is a time-tested, reliable channel bank that provides cost-effective network access to dedicated and switched T1 services.

EdgeLink200 Channel Banks-Family of fixed-port IADs

Route-24-Dedicated T1, fractional T1, 800/WATS, virtual network services and switched digital services provide opportunities for costeffective voice, data and video transmission

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