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American Tech Supply TELCO SYSTEMS T1/E1 Integrated Access switch is the Access 60 and Access45 offer service providers economical, reliable T1/E1 access to public, private and hybrid networks. They deliver a full range of voice and data services – such as POTS, fractional T1, legacy data and Frame Relay for a scalable solution that supports small and medium-sized business customers.

Economical, scalable T1/E1 access-Dramatically reduces access costs by using available bandwidth efficiently-Fully scalable - add services and functionality as needed -Integrates voice, synchronous and asynchronous data, image and video services.

Access 45 Specifications
• Scalable up to 48 DS0 (64 kbps) channels: ideal for lower-density applications that require advanced functionality (such as AT&T SLC-96®/TR-08 compatibility or ISDN connectivity).
• Can mount on wall or rack

• Compact chassis, half the size of similar products of equal functionality
• Inexpensive, modular migration path to emerging technologies, applications and services
Slots- 7 (5 available)
Voice Ports per Chassis -48
Distributed Architecture -No
Protection -LIU Facility
T1/E1 Interfaces -T1/E1: 5 Ports

Dual T1/E1: 10 Ports
Analog Voice Interfaces 2/4-wire E&M/TO: 6 -port
2-wire FXS/PLAR/FXSDN/DPO: 6-, 12-port
2-wire FXS/DPO with Battery Reversal: 12 -port
Secure Voice: 2- port

2-wire FXO/MRD/DPT: 6- port
P-Phone: 6- port
Data Interfaces
ISDN BRI, S/T: 4- port
ISDN BRI, U: 4- port
Synch Subrate Digital Multiplexer:: 2-, 5-port
Office Channel Unit (OCUDP): 2-, 5-port
Universal Synchronous Data: 2, 4-port

• Voice and Data over Multi-T1/E1
• T1 or E1 Cross-Connects
• Utilities/Wireless Backhaul

Embedded SNMP, ASCII Terminal Telnet, MVX Element Management System, Flash Memory, Remote Alarm Reporting, Built-in Modem

Dimensions: 9.1 x 8.65 x 11.72 in.
(H)23.1 x(W) 22.0 x (D)29.8 cm
Power Supply: -48 Vdc, +24 Vdc;
110 /120 Vac to -48 Vdc
Battery Backup
Operating Temp.: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
Relative Humidity: Up to 90%, non-condensing

Based in Foxboro, Massachusetts, Telco Systems is committed to leading the industry in the development of transport, access, and packet products for carriers' COs, Co-Los, and POPs, as well, enterprise solutions for FTTH, SOHO, hospitality, education, and MTU/MDU. Integrating circuit- and packet-switched technologies onto flexible platforms ensures cost-effective operation.

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