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American Tech Supply TELCO SYSTEMS Access600 HDI high-density multi-service integrated access device (IAD), is a compact, scaleable, and cost-effective solution flexible enough to fit anywhere in a service providers network. It provides RBOCs, CLECs, ISPs, ILECs, and IXCs a seamless migration path from TDM-based services to IP while using their existing legacy telephony infrastructure. This single-box solution breaks down the barriers of voice or data-only, TDM or IP-only networks and opens up new revenue streams.

Access600 HDI

Access600 HDI’s approach to service delivery and transport is simple – because it is modular and scaleable, it need only be equipped with the service delivery and uplink modules that are needed today. As bandwidth demands increase or new services are required; a technician simply adds the appropriate service module. Service modules can be mixed-and-matched within the same chassis to suit the applications, new services, or increased bandwidth. Access600 HDI can be deployed as a TDM IAD today and as networks migrate to VoIP, a fast and simple upgrade will transform it to an IP-based IAD.

The compact chassis, only 3 RU, can be wall or rack-mounted. It offers redundant power supplies and can be configured with up to 6 hot-swappable service modules in the compact chassis or up to 14 in the full-size chassis providing flexibility to fit any LAN/WAN/PBX configuration.

Access600 HDI’s VoIP and IP class of service functionality are SIP based. Its flexible uplink options include T1/E1 and 10/100BaseT Ethernet (for direct connection to an external broadband modem). Customer interfaces are 10/100BaseT to the LAN, BRI, and FXS/FXO/E&M analog interfaces, and PRI/T1 PBX.

Access600 HDI provides various uplink encapsulations enabling high flexibility in the network design and cost-effective use of the transport links available. Its various options include Frame Relay over T1, PPP and MLP (multilink PPP) over 4 T1s thus combining them into one logical data link.

Key features

* Carrier-class, hardened high-density IAD
* Provides migration path from TDM to IP-based services
* Combined TDM and packetized voice with data traffic onto T1/E1 or Ethernet reduces service delivery costs
* Leverages low-cost leased access to enter new markets
* Superior VoIP quality, SIP-based VoIP with IP class of service
* Flexible platform with a pay-as-you-grow approach
* Advanced Routing capabilities
* Up to 48 FXS/FXO ports
* PRI and RBS T1 to provide VoIP connectivity to the existing PBX
* BRI to PRI conversion
* Hot-swappable service cards with various interfaces
* WAN side: T1/E1, Ethernet, PRI
* Customer side: Ethernet, BRI PRI and RBS T1 for the PBX; FXS/FXO and E&M
* Lifeline guarantees voice service in the event of a power outage or network failure
* Remotely manageable and configurable with embedded web-based GUI
* Compact 3 RU half-shelf saves real estate costs
* AC and DC power supported
* DMZ firewall port for T1 Frame Relay, PPP, or MLPPP WAN router

Access60/Access45-T1/E1 Integrated Access

DCB-24-The DCB-24 is a time-tested, reliable channel bank that provides cost-effective network access to dedicated and switched T1 services.

EdgeLink200 Channel Banks-Family of fixed-port IADs

Route-24-Dedicated T1, fractional T1, 800/WATS, virtual network services and switched digital services provide opportunities for costeffective voice, data and video transmission

Based in Foxboro, Massachusetts, Telco Systems is committed to leading the industry in the development of transport, access, and packet products for carriers' COs, Co-Los, and POPs, as well, enterprise solutions for FTTH, SOHO, hospitality, education, and MTU/MDU. Integrating circuit- and packet-switched technologies onto flexible platforms ensures cost-effective operation.