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Ultra Green Power Systems

Technical Specifications - Ultra Green

System Electrical Specifications

Output (kVA) 260kVA to 2.0MVA

Power (kW) 200kW to 1.6MMW

Output Voltage (V) 400 or 480

Frequency (Hz) 50 or 60

Frequency Regulation ±0.1Hz free running

Frequency Accuracy (utility grid not available) 1 minute per year

Impedance (subtransient reactance) 6% to 8.5%

Response to 100% 1.0pf step load ±5%

THD ±1.5% for linear load

Short-circuit Current 10 to 15 times rated current

Load Crest Factor Unlimited

Phase Displacement ±1° for balanced loads
±3° for 50% balanced loads

Overload Normal Operation 150% 2 minutes rated capacity

Load Unbalance Capacity 100%

Operating Temperature -40°C to +40°F

Operating Relative Humidity 0 to 90% noncondensing

Other System Specifications

Dimensions Varies by size and system configuration

Max. Floor Loading Varies by size and system configuration

Height Varies by size and system configuration

CHP efficiency of up to 80%

System Emissions

CO Nil

Nox Nil

Sox Nil

Sound Level 76 db(A) @ 1 meter

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