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SurePower Offers Combined Power and Cooling

In addition to high-availability power, SurePower also provides high availability cooling solutions with its HAChiller System. The HAChiller System utilizes the waste heat from the on-site power generators to provide cooling with minimal electrical consumption. The HAChiller System employs absorption chillers to supply most of the required cooling load and high efficiency chillers to supply any cooling shortfall.

The SurePower Economic Advantage

SurePower delivers its factory built system in modules that can be installed in a building or on a slab. The customer buys what it needs as the need arises- no need to buy a large system in hopes that business will grow to use the power and cooling as is today's case. The SurePower system also reduces energy costs for a 60,000-square foot data center by 40+ percent over traditional systems because of the efficiency of its combined heat and power devices. Depending on the spread between the cost of natural gas and electricity, the SurePower system reduces total operating expenses, including energy, between 10 and 25 percent.

In addition, the SurePower system can greatly improve space utilization at a data center since it uses about 50 percent less space than is required by the mechanical and electrical equipment associated with conventional power systems. Not only does the SurePower system have a smaller footprint, it utilizes non-air conditioned space within the facility, in a parking lot or on a roof, for example.


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