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Snake Tray manufactures innovative electrical and communications solutions that are designed to install faster and more easily than any other available cable management or power distribution products.

Snake Tray® Cable Management Solutions

Snake Tray is the fastest installing, most cost-effective cable support system available today. Its patented hand bendable design delivers advantages found nowhere else. Unlike traditional cable tray products, Snake Tray requires no cutting and no clipping allowing installers to create turns in 10 seconds – far less than the 15 minutes per turn which is typical with wire mesh cable tray products. Available in a wide array of styles, Snake Tray’s hand bendable design combined with our built-in mounting hardware installs faster delivering a cost-savings advantage over any other cable tray system in today’s market.

Snake Tray Benefits

101 Snake Tray (Under Floor)
101 Snake Tray Accessories
201 Snake Tray (Universal)
201 Snake Tray Double (Universal)
401 Snake Race
501 Wall Snake Tray
601 Ladder Snake Tray
201 Snake Tray Intersections
201 Snake Tray Accessories
Snake Tray Mounting Accessories
Snake Loop and Snake Charmer
Snake Hook and Seismic Bracing

Snake Canyon Benefits

301 Snake Canyon Latch-Loc
301 Snake Canyon Cam-Loc
301 Snake Canyon
301 Snake Canyon Click-In
301 Snake Canyon Plus
301 Snake Canyon Cantilever
302 Power Snake Canyon
301 Snake Canyon Turning Components
301 Snake Canyon Half Section
301 Snake Canyon Accessories

Mega Snake Benefits

801 Mega SnakeSnake Bus Benefits
707 Snake Bus Power Distribution
Snake Bus Electrical Specifications
708 Snake Box (Distribution Boxes)
901 Snake Air (Airflow Managers)
Loading Capacity for Cable Trays
Technical Data

Snake Tray® Product Benefits

Just bend it! There’s no need to cut or clip, so you get done faster!
Built-in mounting/hanging hardware saves time and money
A single connector bolt connects trays in 15 seconds and creates the electrical bond
No additional hanging hardware required
Trays nest together for lower shipping and faster handling


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