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Cable Management

Snake Charmer-Before Snake Charmer- After Snake Charmer™ Eliminates PC wire tangles and clutter on workstations

Snake Charmer™ Eliminates PC wire tangles and clutter on workstations - Snake Charmer™ is our new wire manager for workstations. Manage the cable chaos and avoid workplace accidents at your workstations by organizing the cables in an easy to use module that has ample capacity for today's equipment wires.

Simply take the excess wires and place through the entry point on the base unit and loop the wires around pre-existing posts. Wires can exit from either side of the module. Simply snap cover on and wires are attractively concealed. Snake Charmer can be mounted to the wall, any desk side, configuration component or remain free standing.


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Ladder Snake™ for Ladder Racks

Wall Snake®
Snake Tray is pleased to present our 501 Series Snake Tray. The 501 Series tray is unique in its design in that the tray mounts directly to the wall without the need for additional brackets. Built in mounting rings, or "Snake Eyes" allow the tray to be installed flush on the wall. Wall Snake is the design solution for tight spaces where space is at a premium, long linear installations, Wall fields, Data closets and Hallways.

As with all Snake Tray products, the 501 Series is completely hand bendable and requires NO Cutting, Clipping or Tools to complete a bend. Thereby reducing the time it takes to install the tray by 85%, especially in the turns. Bends are formed in ten seconds or less.....Try that with Basket Tray!!!!! Snake Tray: Helping you Consistently Deliver your projects Under Budget and Ahead of Schedule.

Ladder Rack Snake Tray -Ladder Rack Cable Tray

Snake Tray 101 Deep Tray- Snake Tray® is pleased to announce the new larger size 18-inch wide and 4-inch deep cable tray that creates 72 square inches of cable path to hold over 1000 Cat5e (.21 OD) cables

Snake Tray Wall Snake®- Wall Mounted Cable Tray
CMS Snake Tray is pleased to present our 501 Series Snake Tray.

Snake Tray Fire Stop-Snake Tray® is pleased to announce the first in a series of new Snake Stop Fire Protection systems.


Under Floor Raceway Solution- Under Floor Raceway Systems

Overhead Raceway Solution- Overhead Raceway Systems

Wall Raceway Solution-Snake Wall

Under Floor Solution- Snake Canyon

Power Raceway Solution- Snake Bus

Snake Charmer-Before Snake Charmer

The After Snake Charmer Eliminates PC wire tangles and clutter on workstations.

Click-In Snake Canyon® for Computer Access Floors

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