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American Tech Supply has in stock a complete supply of smart home products including 8 port telephone modules, 8 port data modules, 5 port hubs, Catv Splitter, 8 port hub, audio module, 8 port network hub, splitter modules, and netwrok hubs. .ICC announces a new Mini Distribution Center designed to fill the requirements for multi-unit, small homes and retrofit installations. This complete distribution system provides support for telephony, data and CATV. Designed to be surface mounted, the Mini Distribution Center has cable access openings on each side to accommodate cable routing. The compact size (7 ½ " X 6 ½" X 3 ½ ") is ideal for mounting in small areas. The fully populated Mini Distribution Center provides distribution of 8 telephony ports, 8 data ports and a 1 X 4 CATV splitter. Mounted on the telephone module is an RJ-31X jack providing a security interface and an 8P8C expansion jack. The Mini Distribution Center is also available un-populated for custom configuration, with modules available for 8 port telephone with RJ31X jack (ICRDSVPA10), 8 port telephone with expansion jacks (ICRDSVPB10), 8 port data (ICRDSDPA10), 1 X 4 audio distribution (ICRDSAD14B), and 1 X 4 CATV splitter (ICRDSAVP4B)to contractors, builders and custom home owners.

Some of our more popular Accessories:

ICRDSVPA1D-Telephone Module8-port, bridged telephone module with RJ31X jack, supports up to 4 incoming telephone lines. Fits the deluxe distribution centers.

Price: $36.50

ICRDSVPB1D Telephone Module 8-port, bridged telephone module with expansion jack, supports up to 4 incoming telephone lines. Fits the deluxe distribution centers.

Price: $35.00

ICRDSDPA1D Data Module
Data module terminates up to 8 Category 5e data lines and fits the deluxe distribution centers

Price: $35.00

ICRDSAD14D Audio Module-Passive audio distribution for up to 4 locations plus expansion port. Requires impedance matching volume control and fits the deluxe distribution centers.

Price: $45.00

ICRDSMS34D Multi-Switch,3 Input x 4 Output,Multi-switch is 3 input by 4 output with 2 LNB inputs and 1 antenna input combined to distribute up to 4 television sets. Requires the use of a diplexer and fits the deluxe distribution centers.

Price: $55.50

ICSRS05PSD,5-Port Hub,10/100 Base-T switching hub networks up to 5 computers. Fits deluxe distribution center.

Price: $51.00

ICSRS08PSD-8-Port Hub,10/100 Base-T switching hub is designed to networks up to 8 computers and fits the deluxe distribution centers

Price: $111.00

1 Input X 6 Output,Module is 1 input by 6 output with a frequency of 5 MHz to 1 GHz and no DC path. Fits the deluxe distribution centers.

Price: $24.00

1 Input X 8 Output,Module is 1 input by 8 output with a frequency of 5 MHz to 1 GHz and no DC path. Fits the deluxe distribution centers.

Price: $30.00

Voice and data communications play a critical role in today's office environments. Since this type of communication is normally sent over copper or optical fiber mediums, it is important to have a reliable source for quality and affordable voice and data connectivity products.ICC is the answer - supporting the contemporary workplace with a complete line of Multi-Port Solutions (MPS).

ICC's modular HiPerlink 6TM (CAT 6 compliant) connectors meet newly proposed performance requirements for high-speed Gigabit voice and data communication. The HiPerlink 6 connectors are complemented by a large assortment of IC107 modular inserts, which are designed to meet the particular needs of data, voice, fiber optics, video, audio, and CATV.

ICC’s Multi-Port Solutions also include Elite series bezels that accept IC107 modules to meet a wide range of voice and data requirements. In addition, ICC provides a complete line of faceplates to fit virtually any office décor, including stainless steel for special installations.The Multi-Port Solutions now include new Flush Mount Stainless Steel faceplates that provide a neat appearance and are easy to clean, as well as top and bottom angled Classic™ faceplates for low profile connections. Quality and value are always found in ICC’s Multi-Port Solutions products.

ICRDSDCS01-Left Shelf
ICRDSDCS02-Right Shelf

Shelf is designed to mount into the deluxe distribution center and hold equipment.


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