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Work Area Multimedia Wall Outlet Housing,  Single Gang

108wbs.gif (6961 bytes)108wbs-a1.gif (6012 bytes) ICC's work area multimedia single gang box can be mounted onto a single gang electrical box. The cover has been designed to be compatible with all IC108 bezels and IC107 modules, and can accommodate both copper and fiber. The snap-on cover allows easy internal access without disruption. The base is designed to accommodate fiber only and allows the loading of four ST/SC and eight MT-RJ/LC fibers. The cover includes labeling icons for easy identification. The work area multimedia single gang box is available in ivory, gray and white to blend with any office environment or match any application. ICFOB series fiber bezels are used in the base to maintain a low profile.

IC108WBSxx*Work Area Multimedia Box, Single Gang
ICFOBWMBxx*Work Area MTRJ-MTRJ Duplex Bezel
ICFOBWTBxx*Work Area ST-ST Duplex Bezel
ICFOBWCBxx*Work Area SC-SC Duplex Bezel
ICFOBWRBxx*Work Area ST-SC Duplex Bezel
ICFOBWLBxx*Work Area LC-LC Duplex Bezel
xx*= IV, WH, GY