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Signamax- Signamax 48U-HDMMP-C5E-R1- Category 5e High Density Field Configurable Unloaded Patch Panel- Signamax Category 5e Patch Panels- Signamax Patching Systems- Category 5e UTP Patch Panels

Signamax patch panels are offered in a variety of configurations for voice, data, audio and video distribution cabling applications for TIA/EIA Categories 3, 5e and 6. We provide users with advanced product designs and features for effective horizontal cabling.
Category 5e High-Density Field-Configurable Unloaded Patch Panel
Category 5e high-density unloaded panel is available for field configuration. This panel supports 48 connectors in a 1 RMS (1.75"H) panel and is ideal where rack space is limited. Panel accepts category 5e unscreened jacks and is supplied with a cable management bar. This panel provides the ability to populate only the number of ports that are needed and can be configured with UTP connectors of different colors, which provide additional color-coding capabilities. 

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24U-HDMMP-C5E 24-Port Category 5e Field-Configurable Unloaded Panel, 1.75" High


48-Port Category 5e Field-Configurable Unloaded Panel, 3.50" High

Category 5e Patch Panels


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