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8-Port 100BaseFX Fiber Unmanaged Switches8-Port 100BaseFX
Signamax Connectivity Systems' 8-Port 100BaseFX Fiber Switch is a plug-and-play Fast Ethernet switch that is the ultimate in easy 100Base FX fiber connection for simple multimode fiber applications. Standard 1U high non-blocking switch chassis supports eight multimode SC or eight multimode SC ports; each is equipped with a DIP switch for full or half-duplex mode selection.


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065-7310FSC 8-Port 100BaseFX MM/SC, 2 km Unmanaged Fiber Switch


8-Port 100BaseFX MM/ST, 2 km Unmanaged Fiber Switch

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Our complete line of Ethernet Switches supporting installations from Enterprise businesses to small offices. Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Standard Ethernet requirements can be met by the wide array of solutions offered. Support of new Quality of Serice and Tagged Virtual LAN protocal capabilities permit the construction of convergent networks supporting voice, data, video and still image transport simultaneously over a single structured cabling plan.







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