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7-Port 10/100 Unmanaged Switch + 1-Port 100BaseFX
Signamax' Connectivity Systems' Compact Fiber Access Switches provide the right port interfaces you need for fiber-extended networks. The 065-7111 series of switches allows cost-effective fiber extension to small workgroups and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) clusters. These switches support enterprise-level network extension to outlying buildings in a campus environment, and can also extend process control networks over fiber to production or control machinery equipped with PLCs at Fast Ethernet speeds. These switches, to allow administrative and production networks to coexist on the same fiber link, transparently pass tagged VLAN and Quality of Service (QoS) packets used to separate and prioritize sub-networks.
  • Provides 7 Ports for 10/100BaseT/TX and 1 Port for 100BaseFX
  • True Non-Blocking Architecture
  • Full Wire-Speed Forwarding Rate
  • Store-and-Forward Mechanism
  • Back Pressure and IEEE802.3x Compliant Flow Control
  • Front Panel Port Status LEDs
  • Auto-MDIX on All Twisted Pair Ports
  • Desktop or Wall-Mountable
  • Five-Year Performance Warranty

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065-7111SC 7-Port 10/100BaseT/TX + 1-Port 100BaseFX MM/SC, 2 km Unmanaged Switch


7-Port 10/100BaseT/TX + 1-Port 100BaseFX MM/ST, 2 km Unmanaged Switch


7-Port 10/100BaseT/TX + 1-Port 100BaseFX MM/LC, 2 km Unmanaged Switch (Special Order)


7-Port 10/100BaseT/TX + 1-Port 100BaseFX MM/MT-RJ, 2 km Unmanaged Switch (Special Order)


7-Port 10/100BaseT/TX + 1-Port 100BaseFX SM/SC, 15 km Unmanaged Switch (Special Order)


7-Port 10/100BaseT/TX + 1-Port 100BaseFX SM/SC, 40 km Unmanaged Switch (Special Order)


7-Port 10/100BaseT/TX + 1-Port 100BaseFX SM/SC, 75 km Unmanaged Switch (Special Order)

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Our complete line of Ethernet Switches supporting installations from Enterprise businesses to small offices. Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Standard Ethernet requirements can be met by the wide array of solutions offered. Support of new Quality of Serice and Tagged Virtual LAN protocal capabilities permit the construction of convergent networks supporting voice, data, video and still image transport simultaneously over a single structured cabling plan.







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