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10/100/1000 To 1000SX/LX Managed Media Converters
Signamax Connectivity Systems' 065-1696 series Standalone Managed Switching 10/100/1000BaseT/TX to 1000BaseSX/LX Media Converters are individually-housed SNMP-managed media converters available with singlemode and multimode interfaces to provide copper-to-fiber conversion for mission-critical Gigabit Ethernet networks. They are typically used as circuit endpoint devices in con-cert with the Signamax Managed Media Converter Rack Mount Chassis System to enable network managers to remotely monitor the status of their entire fiber optic Gigabit Ethernet network all the way to the fiber optic circuit's last termination. An individual SNMP management agent is included with each Signamax 065-1696 series standalone managed converter. Equipped with Link Fault Signal-ing (LFS) and Loopback Testing capabilities, they extend the enterprise LAN configuration range up to 50 km while simultaneously minimizing downtime and technician dispatch expense.

External Loopback Capability
* Supports Broadcast Suppression
* Supports Lower Network System Broadcast Storm
* Supports Denial Forwarding MAC Address and Allowed Forwarding MAC Address
* Supports (802.1D) and Rapid Spanning Tree (802.1w) Protocols
* Supports Web-Based and Text-Based Management User Interface
* Supports SNMP with RMON Groups 1, 2, 3, & 9
* Supports Bandwidth Rating Management
* Supports TFTP for Firmware Upgrades
* Supports DHCP Client
* Supports Up To 4 Trap Hosts
* Automatic Shutdown When Temperature Is Too High
* Supports E-mail Client (SMTP RFC 821) and Mobile Phone Short Message (SMS) for Sending Traps and Alarm Messages;
Can No-tify Up to Six taff Members
* Built-in Twisted-Pair Port 10/100/1000 Switch with Store-and-Forward Architecture
* Auto-Negotiation RJ-45 Connector with Auto-MDIX
* Singlemode Spans Up To 50 Km
* Lifetime Performance Warranty

10/100/1000 to 1000SX Managed Stand Alone Media Converters

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065-1696 10/100/1000 to 1000SX MM/SC, 220m 62.5µ/550m 50µ Managed Converter

10/100/1000 to 1000LX Managed Stand Alone Media Converters

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065-1696LX 10/100/1000 to 1000LX SM/SC, 10 km Managed Converter


10/100/1000 to 1000LX SM/SC, 30 km Managed Converter


10/100/1000 to 1000LX SM/SC, 50 km Managed Converter

10/100/1000 to 1000LX Single Fiber WMD Managed Stand Alone Media Converters

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065-1696LXWDMA 10/100/1000 to 1000LX SM/SC, 20 km WDM Managed Converter; Tx: 1310 nm Rx: 1550 nm


10/100/1000 to 1000LX SM/SC, 20 km WDM Managed Converter;Tx: 1550 nm Rx: 1310 nm

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10/100/1000BaseT/TX to 1000BaseSX/LX Managed Stand Alone Converters

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Signamax provides media conversion solutions that support data, voice, video and image transport over a wide variety of transmission media. These products convert a wide variety of data - from serial RS-232 through Standard, Fast, Gigabit Ethernet and SONET/SDH protocols. Conversions from twisted-pair copper cable, coaxial cable, multimode fiber and singlemode fiber, to other types of cable are all possible with the wide array of solutions from Signamax Connectivity Systems.







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