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Fast Ethernet / SONET OC-3 / SDH STM-1 Singlemode Fiber SFP Module - 20 km span


The Signamax 065-73FXSM20MG is a Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) multimode fiber module that supports Fast Ethernet, SONET OC-3, or SDH STM-1 over singlemode fiber cable at distances up to 20 kilometers. It adheres to the IEEE 802.3u standard for Fast Ethernet over singlemode fiber at 1310 nm, and is a cost-effective method of providing changeable Fast Ethernet / OC-3 / STM-1 singlemode interfaces to switches and media converters designed for these applications that are equipped with a standard 100Base SFP slot. 



  • Compliant with SFP MultiSource Agreement. Compliant with IEEE802.3u.
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Duplex LC connector.
  • 1310 nm FP Laser.
  • 3.3V power supply.
  • Hot-Pluggable capability.
  • Extended EMI & ESD protection.
  • Class 1 laser product complies with EN 60825-1 and EN 60950.
  • Suitable for Fast Ethernet (100BaseFX), SONET OC-3, and SDH STM-1 applications.


  • Metro Access Rings
  • Point-to-Point networking
  • SONET OC-3 / SDH STM-1 over singlemode fiber
  • 100BaseFX Fast Ethernet over singlemode fiber


Part Number

Model /


Link Power

Typical Max.




1300 nm

FP Laser

19 dBm

20 km


0 ~ 70° C

** Maximum distances attainable on singlemode fiber circuits are dependent upon a circuit's conditions; i.e., the number of splices and patch panels and the number of bends in the circuit path. For comparison with competing products, please use the Link Power Budget for meaningful comparisons.


Download Datasheet (PDF 371 Kb) Revised 09.30.2011

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