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American Tech Supply is now an authorized Hyperline distributor

From copper to fiber, the Hyperline system of products includes everything you need for installation, termination, testing and troubleshooting. And our level of technical expertise, training and customer support ensures that your total cost of ownership is kept to a minimum.




Sequential Controlling power distribution units


1. Sequential power on/off:
Realize the sequential power on/off of outlets.

2. Sequential power on/off in group:
Can group the outlets according to the requirement and realize the sequential power on/off of outlets in group.

3. Configure the interval time:
With the functional keys, customer can configure and adjust the interval time of power on/off conveniently.

4. Selecting function:
According to the technical requirement, customer can set the ON/OFF state of outlets.

5. Dynamic adjusting and keeping function:
According to the technical requirement, customer can adjust the ON/FF state of individual outlet or group outlets at times without affecting the output state.

6. Reset/Refresh function:
When press the reset button, the operating state will be refreshed.

7. Start/Stop function:
Press the start/stop button for 3 seconds, the power for outlets will be cut off or turn on in the original set state.

8. Overload protection:
When the overloaded or short circuit happens, the overload protection device can automatically cut off the power to protect the equipment from being injured.

9. Immediate cut off function:
Specially designed switch can cut off the power when the equipment is wrongly operated.

10. Digital voltage meter/ ampere meter:
Can display the current input voltage and load current and the changes.

11. Display the operating state:
LED can timely display the operating state.

12. Display the output state:
The LED of outlets can display the power on/off state of individual outlet.

13. Multi-standard sockets:
Multi-standard sockets can meet the different requirement of customers all over the world.

14. Socket with anti-fall device:
IEC320 C13 with anti-fall device makes the plug fixed and not easy to fall down.




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