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VRLA Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries


The VRLA battery is by far the most popular reserve power design because the electrolyte is captive preventing it from spilling even when the case is punctured. Styles of sealed VRLA batteries include front-access telecom cells as well as high-rate UPS replacement batteries for Liebert, MGE & Powerware among others. General purpose SLAs are also produced for emergency lighting & other applications. VRLA batteries are considered "maintenance free" & require no addition of electrolyte or water. Our front access batteries (telecom) are warranted for 20 years while the top access (Broadband-Total GEL, Telco, Solar, General Purpose, Emergency Lighting) batteries possess a 10 year warranty. Our UPS High Rate Series are warranted for 10 years 3 of which are at 100% replacement value. Again, we manufacture these in numerous intermediate capacities so that you are not forced to purchase more battery than your application runtime demands. SBS also builds VRLA sealed batteries using vacuum impregnated GEL technology for applications requiring that unique design.



UPS Series High-Rate Discharge Batteries

The High Rate “HR” series batteries employ thin plate technology. These AGM Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries are designed for high rate discharges were a sealed battery is needed. The UPS Series is similar to the Dynnasty MaxRate(MR), the Power Battery TC12, & Enersys Datasafe HX (Hawker). The UPS series is designed to be used with any conventional UPS system such as Powerware, Liebert, Mitsubishi, APC & MGE. A 10 yr prorated warranty is offered with the first 3 years at 100%. We also produce intermediate capacity sizes so that you do not need to pay for more runtime than you require. There are 16 - 12v sizes ranging from 24wpc to 800wpc & 3 - 6v sizes from 620wpc to 770wpc. The nature of UPS installations has compelled us to make flame retardant polypro cases a standard feature at no increase in price, not an optional price adder. For other SLA battery applications, review our AFT top access, our AGM front access telecom or the S Series general purpose SLA batteries.

AFT Series Front Access Batteries

The SBS “AFT" series valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) rechargeable batteries are front access & maintenance free. The AFT series combines AGM (absorbed glass mat) technology with virgin lead components to ensure minimum gassing, reduced float currents, increased life and safety.  The 12v monoblock is available in 9 capacities from 55 A/h - 260 A/h. This 20 year battery is well suited for telecommunications and uninterruptible power systems due to its high rate discharge and recharge characteristics.  The AFT series is fully compliant with Telcordia SR4228, Bellcore GR63ci1, and carry UL approval.


T Series Telecom Front Access Batteries

Storage Battery Systems Inc. has designed the "T" Series battery to exceed the stringent requirements of today's cellular & wireless communications environment. All the advantages of the VRLA AGM sealed lead acid design including minimized gassing, lower float currents, extended service life & outstanding performance throughout a large profile of discharge curves are imbued in its construction. The 20 year design life is backed by a warranty & installation is simplified by the integral steel case & standard Zone 4 racking. The T Series reduces jar bulging & facilitates replacement on site. The cases are designed to adapt to slight grid growth to achieve the full design life. Additionally, the brass posts have dual seals & secondary epoxy barriers to prevent any distortion or loss. Cell sizes range from 80 to 2000A/h with multiple cell/case configurations to 5800 A/h. All cells are fully charged at 100% capacity. Optional flame retardant (UL 94 VO)jars & alternatives to the standard "top" terminal plates are available. System line-ups come with Lexan safety shields. The T Series meets all IEC/EN 60896-2, BS6290 Part IV standards & it is classified as "Long-Life" un der EuroBAT g.1999. The T Series is manufactured in 49 capacities so that it can be appropriately sized economically for 48v telecom to 480v UPS applications. Additional advantages include a wider operating temperature of -4 F to +131 F. With a self-discharge less than 0.5%/week, the T series is an advancement in telecom batteries.  Naturally the T Series is not limited to telecommunications installations and is well suited for 125vdc utility control, sub-station and recloser applications.

S Series VRLA General Purpose Battery

The sealed construction of the SBS 'S' Series VRLA battery allows trouble-free, safe operation in any position. There is no need to add electrolyte since absorbant glass mat (AGM) technology is used to suspend the elctrolyte. Gases generated during charging are recombined in a unique “Oxygen Cycle” that virtually eliminates water evaporation while reducing any hydrogen gas production to levels that are within all domestic & international safety standards. The S Series are general purpose designed to serve in emergency lighting, broadband, telecommunications, security, switchgear, control systems as well as mobility applications. The S series is backed by a 1 year warranty & is produced in 12v & 6v jars from 1.3 to 200A/hr capacities. The S Series also utilizes pure lead-tin in a calcium alloy resulting in an improved performance accross its useful service life at no additional cost.



G Series Gel-Type General Purpose Battery

The G Series uses vacuum impregnated Gel technology in its range of 26 A/hr to 210 A/hr in 12v & 180 A/hr to 225A/hr in 6v jars. The G Series tolerates a wider operating temperature range as well as repeat long discharge cycling. Well suited for CATV, security systems, process controls, utility substations & other general purpose reserve applications. Naturally the G Series is leak free & low maintenance. The G Series uses pure lead-tin in a calcium alloy to achieve higher performance than comparable batteries from other manufacturers.  It offers the  performance of Gel technolgy in a general purpose battery.

TGi Series Tubular Gel Telecom Front Access Batteries

Storage Battery Systems Inc. now offers a VRLA tubular grid Gel-Type battery well tailored for the telecommunications industry when "computer room" environments cannot be easily maintained and discharge events may be quite longer and deeper than what we normally see in a CO or even outside plant.  Gel technology affords us higher operating temperatures, deeper discharges with recharges that do not unecessarily compromise battery service life.  The TG Series is designed for microwave transmission towers, wireless/cellular huts, satellite receiver stations, fiber optic transmission systems, radio repeater and base stations as well as other applications.  SBS employs a vacuum impregnation fill technology that eleminates air gaps, voids and inclusions prevelant in many other gel and hybrid gel batteries.  This makes the TG series a "True-Gel" product as opposed to a standard VRLA/AGM battery with merely a layer of gelled electrolyte "spread" accross the top of the jar casing.  The TG Series is well tolerant of deep discharge and partial state of charge (PSOC) cyclic operations.

VRZ Gel-Type Extended Life VRLA Batteries

VRLA & Gel technology taken to its design limits to offer a single cell configuration with a flooded cell warranty! SBS Valve-Regulated VRZ batteries are especially suitable for applications with discharge over a long period in which maintenance-free operation is required. The vacuum impregnated GEL Technology eliminates the voids & spaces prevelant in original Gel designs. The electrolyte is a fixed gel which provides a very high cycle rate tolerance with rapid recharge profile. Capacities range from 208 A/hr to 3064 A/hr in 2v single cell configurations. The VRZ is warranted for 20 years 1 of which is at 100%. Whether used for telecom power, cellular or wireless applications, broadband or network support, or utility substation & control, the VRZ will exceed your expectations. The VRZ is also well suited for AGM, mobility, CATV & security systems. Also see our GGM & GFT series Gel Technology batteries.



DC Series Deep Cycle  VRLA Battery

The DC Series Batteries are designed for low maintenance & maintenance free opertion in a variety of small to mid motive power appplications such as electric vehicles, golf carts, automated guided vehicles & other moving devices that require sustained deep cycle discharges followed by time interval recharging.


GFT Series Front Access Batteries

The SBS “GFT” series valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) rechargeable batteries are front access & maintenance free. Sized similar to the "AFT", the GFT series utilizes a gelled electrolyte technology designed for cycling or float applications, particularly in areas with poor or unreliable utility power.  The 12v monoblock is available in 9 capacities from 55 A/h - 260 A/h. This 20 year battery is well suited for telecommunications and uninterruptible power systems due to its high rate discharge and recharge characteristics as well. The GFT series is vacuum impregnated with a 1.250 SG homogonous gell suspension to avoid all voids, gaps and inclusions associated with predecessor battery filling technologies.  Our gell technology increases cell durability and tolerance for deep cycle demands.  It also affords a self-recharge characteristic for full charge recovery after a deep discharge event even when the string is not immediately placed on recharge.  This also provides for stable operation in a partial state of charge condition (PSOC).  Along with this improved cycle life, the gell provides optimum thermal transfer allowing for a wider operational temperature window.  The GFT series are fully compliant with Telcordia SR4228, Bellcore GR-63, and carry UL approval. 



GGM Series Broadband & Communications Gel Batteries

The SBS GGM Series is constructed with low gravity gel suspended electrolyte combined with tank-formation, to give superior long-duration and deep-discharge performance, as well as predictable service life in telecom and renewable energy applications. In addition, the high-rate capability and long-term float life make the GGM Series the ideal choice for large UPS systems.  Sized for broadband, CATV/CCTV, security & cable applications, the GGM is a versatile solution for harsher environmental applications where monitoring & maintenance are irregular.  The GGM is well suited for radio, repeater and base station installations. It is available in 2v jars ranging in size from 150 A/h to 3000 A/h.


APC Replacement Batteries

  • RBC replacement battery cartriges
  • For Backups, Smartups, Symmetra & other APC UPS models
  • Recycling for your old battery cartridges/packs
  • Utilizes SBS UPS series high rate VRLA batteries














BIF-Bend Insensitive Fiber

New Bend Insensitive Fiber Jumpers