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UPS Batteries



Batteries are the most vulnerable, sensitive & susceptible piece of your critical power system.  The right battery will make the difference between reaching useful service life projections & replacing your strings prematurely.  SBS not only manufactures the approriate battery design for your system, but also will execute professional installation & preventative maintenance in accordance with IEEE Std 450/1187 recommendations. Unlike OEM UPS service organizations that are not experts in battery chemistry or some third party service providers who are eager to make their next sale, SBS has a vested interest in you realizing the maximum useful service life of our batteries.  We understand battery design & will use our experience to engineer a total system that will improve your "level of nines" reliability.




  • VRLA sealed lead-acid battery, 6v/12 
  • 24 WPC - 800 WPC, 6v/12v monoblocks, AGM thin plate technology, 1.2A/h - 195A/H
  • 10 year warranty, 3 year 100%, enclosures & cabinets available
  • Line up & match cabinets available for major UPS models
  • Suited for APC, General Electric, Liebert, MGE, Mitsubishi, Powerware, Toshiba & other UPS brands
  • Direct replacements for C&D, Dynasty, Enersys, East Penn/Deka, Unigy, CSB, GNB, Marathon, Power Battery, Yuasa, Hawker & others
  • Most models ready for immediate shipment!  

STT Flooded Monoblock Series

  • Low maintenance Lead Selenium Tubular plates, vented wet cell, long duration discharge
  • 55A/h - 330A/h, 6v & 12v jars
  • 20 year warranty, Seismic Z-4 & Standard racks in stock
  • Most models ready for immediate shipment!

OSP Series

  • High rate short duration discharge profile, ideal for reserve power UPS applications, wet cell 
  • 157A/h - 3222A/h, 2V jars, Lead-Selenium alloy flate plate design
  • 20 year warranty, Seismic Z-4 & Standard racks in stock
  • Most models ready for immediate shipment!

T - HR Series

  • 2V AGM Cells, 20 year VRLA, standard flame retardant jars 
  • 80 A/h - 5800 A/h modular battery system
  • UBC Zone 4 integral racking. Lexan front safety shield, configurable terminal plates
  • Reserve power UPS configurations, telecom CO & OSP  
  • Comparable to:
    • GNB Absolyte IIP-XL®
    • C&D "HD" Series (Liberty 2000®), msEndur® 
    • East Penn (Deka) Unigy II®
    • Enersys DDm®
    • Tyco/Lucent AVR




 AGM Series Modular

The AGM modular VRLA battery stack is designed for a 20 year service life in float applications within telecommunications & network power.  The system stacks offer configurable terminal plate locations, optional flame retardant cases, Lexan® front safety shield, UBC Seismic Zone 4 integral racking as standard & cell capacities from 100 A/h to 2000 A/h.  Cells are contained in epoxy coated steel cases that are easily installed into the integral racking system.  Tinned-copper intercells are standard as is protected top termination.  The AGM series can be found from cLEC switchrooms to central office plant environments with stacks rated up to 48,000 A/h at 48vdc & 24,000 A/h at 24vdc.  It is available in a NEBS-3 certified configuration.

APC Replacement Batteries

  • RBC replacement battery cartriges
  • For Backups, Smartups, Symmetra & other APC UPS models
  • Recycling for your old battery cartridges/packs
  • Utilizes SBS UPS series high rate VRLA batteries
Battery Cabinets, Enclosures, Containment & Racks 
SBS offers seismic and standard battery racks for VRLA, flooded & Ni-Cad battery systems. We also offer spill containment systems consisting of interlocking HDPE pans and acid absorbing/neutralizing pillows as well as the traditional barrier/berm & liner/berm configurations.














BIF-Bend Insensitive Fiber

New Bend Insensitive Fiber Jumpers