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SBS-IBEX Impedance Diagnostic Tester

SBS-IBEX Diagnostic Tester

Introducing the IBEX Diagnostic Tester exclusively from SBS.

The new IBEX is a cutting edge digital battery diagnostic tester meeting all IEEE Standard Recommendations for all stationary applications such as telecommunication's back up power, utility switching power, uninterruptible power systems (UPS) and more. The new IBEX can measure the accurate internal resistance (R), voltage (V), temperature (ºC) with the world's first ripple-removing algorithm (KR PAT No. 0494489) within a short time (3 seconds or less) during flotation charge. The new IBEX has been in use worldwide with the utmost in satisfaction and reliability by end users.

The SBS-IBEX Tests:

  • Internal Resistance (micro ohm)
  • Conductance (Siemens)
  • Voltage (V)
  • Internal Temperature (°C)

Each SBS-IBEX Includes:

  1. Soft Poly-Vinyl Bag (for storage or measurement)
  2. Charger (for Li-ion Battery Pack)
  3. Pin Probe (4-Point Pin type)
  4. Clip Probe
  5. Temperature Probe
  6. Thermal Printer
  7. Battery Trending Software 


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