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SBS-Hydrogen Detector

Hydrogen Gas Sensor

Lead-acid storage batteries emit hydrogen while gassing during charge. Hydrogen concentration of 4% to 75% by volume in air are potentially explosive. Hydrogen gas detector is designed to provide for dissipation and warning before any concentration reaches the lower explosive limit (LEL) of 4%.

  • 1% Concentration energizes a relay which activates your exhaust fan
  • 2% Concentration activates a built-in, pulsating warning alarm
  • One-Year Warranty
  • 110VAC; 50/60 htz standard
  • 220VAC or 12-48VDC available
  • 7"h x 4 3/4"w - 2 1/2" deep

This device is required for your battery room to be in compliance with IEEE Std 450,  National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) Artical 64 & Uniform Building Code (UBC) Sect 6400.  Failure to monitor hydrogen gas production  & alarm when certain threshholds are reached voids your insurance policy & exposes your company to severe risk should any in juries result from a non-passive hydrogen gassing event.  The HGDI is an affordable piece of your safety plan.

Ordering Information:

  • HGDI-DR - Hydrogen Gas Detector
  • HGDI-REM - 25 Foot Remote Display














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