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SBS-3660 2D Thermo Camera

SBS-3660 2-Dimensional Thermo Camera  DISCONTINUED 

SBS-3660 2D Thermo Camera

The SBS 3660 infrared thermal imaging camera is an extremely cost effective solution to thermal evaluation of discrete electrical systems.  It is designed for use within 3M (10 feet) of the target area.  Radiative temperature measurements are displayed in a 64 grid overlay of the normal image so component identification is simplified.  Each grid is given an average temperature shown as both a gradient coloration as well as a specific digital temperature.  The closer to the target, the smaller the square footprint of the represented grid area allowing for resolution increases proportional to target distance.  The 3660 is used to quickly locate areas of thermal concern so that further detailed investigation & analysis can be immediately focused on a specific area or component rather than testing every possible element within a given system.  The cost savings are realized in man-hours spent toward corrective actions rather than troubleshooting & diagnostics.  The result is increased uptime & reliability whether critical data, redundant network, utility control or general electrical switchgear power applications. This unit is ideal for the rapid measurement & identification of:

  • electrical equipment overheating problems
  • electrical bus hot spots
  • loose or faulty terminal connections
  • specific areas requiring direct thermal point scans & intervention
  • problem battery cells or jars within single or multiple strings
  • power magnetics analysis, transformer overheating
  • neutral conductor heat caused by connections or harmonics
  • hvac convection problems
  • control enclosure malfunction or reduced cooling
  • pre-failure IGBT, SCR & power electronics identification
  • DC & AC capacitor evaluation
  • potential circuit breaker or fuse overloads
  • faulty SMPS on ICBs
  • & more














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